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10 Ways to Get More Personal

DATE PUBLISHED: September 18, 2013

As the business community has become more global, consumer behavior has become more selective.  With the Internet, consumers can find the ideal product for their needs merely by searching with Google. personalized marketing

Finding a product is no longer the chore it once was, so to distinguish themselves, many companies are using personalized marketing to help attract new customers and give them a unique message compared to their competitors.  Any business can connect with customers in a personal way.

Here are some examples:

  1. Personnel videos:  Not only do your customers get a chance to know who works at your organization, but they learn what makes your company or product so special.  These videos can be posted on YouTube or your website, and should be as organic as possible.
  2. CEO Tweets: The public is hungry to hear from company heads and, if possible, connect with them on a human level.  Polished commercials and publicity events do not reveal the company head in the same way that Tweets do.  A few fun or creative tweets can communicate humanity and warmth, which can win a multitude of new customers.
  3. Customized emails:  While there are numerous applications that can customize emails for bulk distribution, bringing in salespeople who have had real interactions with customers to add their input can be mind-blowing for potential customers who expect automated communication.
  4. Human customer service: Customers who call your company for technical or product support and speak to a human being are more likely to have their issue resolved and be more satisfied by the experience.
  5. Personalized sales: Previous customers who log onto an ecommerce site or visit a store can find their shopping experience customized to their desires.  In-store sales people who can pull up past purchases can make better shopping suggestions. Think Amazon.com.
  6. Blogging: Blogging is the ideal venue for personalized marketing.  You can reveal how your company operates, detailing the effort involved. The more consumers feel invested in your organization, the more likely they will feel some loyalty.
  7. Internet presentations:  More companies are recognizing that interactions online can translate into big sales.  Many famous figures who schedule video Q & As online can attract huge audiences, and this can work for your company as well.
  8. Facebook engagement:  While most Facebook users are not looking for a marketing presentation, they do enjoy interacting with people who have inside information about companies. Consistent engagement in these communities can build loyalty and appeal to potential customers.
  9. Multi-lingual interaction: Not only have Spanish-speaking communities become more important, but even regional dialects can help solidify relationships with key demographics. 
  10. Radio spots: Each demographic and community tends to gravitate to a specific type of music.  The personalized marketing commercials on these stations can help make your company or products more appealing.

Personalized marketing is the next generation in advertising.  More companies are using more customized programming to help understand each individual and tailor their marketing experience.

When it comes to inbound marketing there are various tools that can help you personalize your marketing.  Thinking about hiring an inbound marketing agency to help you out? Download our free guide:

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