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Pros & Cons of Blockchain Marketing Strategies

Blockchain is one of the most important innovations hitting the world today, and it's havi...

Is Your Marketing Strategy Effective? Here’s Our Secret to Success

Whether you are starting a business, launching a new product, or developing a marketing pl...

GMB | An Essential Tool to Grow Your Local Busines

Google processes over 5 billion searches every day - that is 40,000 search queries every s...

How to Measure Campaign ROI

Why can it be difficult to measure the effectiveness of your ad campaign? There are many r...

Put Your Emails to the A/B Test

Not happy with your email conversion rates? Let A/B tests, also known as conversion rate o...

Competitive Content Analysis for Residential Solar Companies

Capturing and then maintaining market share in the residential solar market is a never-end...

Content Generation 101 for Solar Companies

Solar firms looking to create a stellar inbound marketing strategy are faced with the clas...

5 Tips for Creating eBlasts That Get Results

When it comes to getting the word out about your business, email is an extremely easy and ...

Tips for Off-Season PPC Solar Campaigns

In the past few weeks we here at Palmer HQ in San Francisco have been experiencing some pr...

Inbound & Outbound Solar Marketing Strategies

Due to its high ROI and relatively low costs, your solar company probably already has a ro...

How to Build a Successful Solar Marketing Campaign

Marketing and sales alignment is a must for businesses to succeed. Just think about it lik...

The Power of Infographic Marketing

Why are infographics powerful? The reason is simple. It allows brands to present interesti...

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