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6 Steps for Recovering from a Marketing Disaster

You know that awful feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you screw up in your m...

Why You Should Think of Branding Like a Marriage

You’ve carefully picked out your brand colors, fonts, shapes and more. Maybe you’ve even h...

Your Lead Generation Strategies Are Working… Now What?

Determining the right lead generation strategy for your business can take time. But once y...

Is Your Marketing Team Running out of Time and Resources?

Are you trying to do more than you have time or resources for? Many small- to medium-sized...

Is Your Marketing Strategy Effective? Here’s Our Secret to Success

Whether you are starting a business, launching a new product, or developing a marketing pl...

7 Reasons A Digital Business Should Still Consider Traditional Marketing

Most businesses make a common mistake of focusing too much on digital marketing strategies...

Palmer's Top 5 Favorite 2018 Super Bowl Commercials

With over 100 million viewers tuning it, the Super Bowl is one of the largest sporting eve...

GMB | An Essential Tool to Grow Your Local Business

Google processes over 5 billion searches every day - that is 40,000 search queries every s...

How to Attract the Coveted Millennials to Your Community Bank

Millennials – those between 18 and 36 years old – make up nearly 25% of the population, mo...

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