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Blog Topics for the Solar Industry

DATE PUBLISHED: April 10, 2013

One of the fundamental components of any inbound marketing strategy for a solar company is an intriguing and informative blog. Solar Blogging

Not only does a blog help your solar company raise its ranking on the major search engines, but it helps create dynamic relationships which engages with potential customers.  This is especially important in the solar industry, which is undergoing radical changes in technology and growth. 

Blogging helps cultivate and strengthen relationships with the online community by establishing your company as a thought and industry leader.

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Choosing a blog topic that cements your company’s leadership position can be challenging, so you may wish to use one of the following.

Latest technologies—With a nascent industry like solar, one of the key demographics are individuals with an interest in emerging technologies.  The ability to impress friends and neighbors is one of solar’s key appeals and will initiate conversations online.  Even if your company isn’t responsible for the latest advances, providing the latest tech news will inspire good will and help your company maintain a position of authoritative knowledge about the rest of the industry.

Financing strategies—Many potential customers are eager to purchase solar systems, but may be unable to find a reasonable financing strategy.  It is critical for these visitors to easily find financing options even if they are external to your company.  Blogs regarding home equity loans, power purchase agreements, solar leases and property assessed clean energy (PACE) should be presented with links to the appropriate agency.

Investment optionsDeutsche Bank predicts the solar industry will grow 22 percent in 2013 alone. While it is no secret that the solar industry is poised for unprecedented growth, investors may not understand the short term and long term implications for investing.  Some blog ideas may wish to explore growing enthusiasm for the technology among businesses, impending government policies around the world, and growth in key markets like China and India.

Manufacturing and farming methods—While green energy appeals to many consumers who are eager to cut energy costs, it is also rooted in a healthy concern for the environments.  Many of the manufacturing methods involve processes that are less eco-friendly than others.  Intriguing blog ideas could include exposés on innovative companies like BioSolar which has introduced a non-petroleum based back sheet which is also cheaper and more durable. Distribution models like large scale solar farms in the desert also have serious impacts on ecosystems and may require some examination.

Personal stories—Many workers in the solar industry gravitated to it in order to be a part of a dynamic, eco-friendly, high tech business that presented new challenges and rewards.  Many of your company’s personnel may be willing to share what their personal stake in the business is about than merely paycheck.

Successful inbound marketing strategies always include a lively blog that encourages readers to seek out more information about interesting topics.

Most blog visitors may not realize how interesting the solar industry and products truly are.  If you have come across a blog idea or topic that has inspired spirited conversations, please feel free to share them with us! We also accept guest blog posts!!! Interested in writing for The Palmer Blog? Let us know!

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