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Social Media Flops

DATE PUBLISHED: May 15, 2012
If you’re thinking about starting a social media program for your company, here’s a news flash: not everyone who uses social media is happy with their program. Here’s another one: not every social media program is successful. And while a lot of companies are happy with their social media endeavors, you can learn a lot from those who aren’t so lucky.

There are 3 main reasons why social media programs falter – or fail altogether. First is that businesses should be using social media to build loyalty and trust with their customers. It’s called brand advocacy, and it helps to leverage your brand across a variety of marketing channels. The more your brand name is seen across the marketing universe, the more likely it will result in a new customer or sale.

So what are businesses doing wrong? They’re not utilizing the reach of social media. You need to promote social media as aggressively as possible. Optimize each web page to talk to your target audience. Share content that is useful to your customers, making sure you have social media “share” buttons on your website, blog, and all other marketing materials you put out there. Make sure you email your customers and remind them to interact with your social media platform. And interact with your fans and followers.

Here’s the second thing businesses are doing wrong: they don’t understand that social media is the new promotion. You should be using social media to drive web traffic – because increasing web traffic is one of the biggest benefits of using social media! By using social media, you can bring qualified visitors to your website – who may ultimately convert into a customer. If a person likes what they experience on social media, they can be encouraged to share their experience with friends on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pintrest and other sites. This sharing will ultimately bring more web traffic to your site, and if you integrate your social media campaigns with your web content campaigns by using the same SEO keyword list, both your website and your social media will benefit.

And here’s the third thing: businesses aren’t generating leads from their social media. While you may be getting traffic from your social media channels, you may not be getting leads – and that means you’re not maximizing your social media program. The key? Make sure you have a strong call to action in place, and create new landing pages. Here’s why: a landing page can give someone a clear path to what’s called, “deeper engagement” – where your prospect actually becomes a customer.

You can do this by offering something on the landing page like an eBook, demo, webinar, etc. Capture their email addresses. Do a drip email campaign to keep people coming back – and ultimately; they’ll become a customer. Do it right and you’ll have social media working for you!

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