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Pay per click?

DATE PUBLISHED: March 13, 2012
I get asked all the time if a “Pay-Per-Click” campaign is an effective way to market products and services. The short answer is, “probably.” And that of course requires some explaining; but the fact is, there’s no easy “yes or no” answer.

Pay-per-click is in fact a highly targeted way to reach key prospects. Compared to traditional advertising, they are a great way to get you some targeted traffic. The problem comes in when you fail to think through where you’re sending people who click on your ads.

Most people who click on an ad are actually looking for something specific – usually what you’re offering – IF you did your homework with the right keywords and some great ad copy.

If that’s all you do, you’re destined to fail.

The worst thing you can do is send people to your website. Forget that. Forget anything except a well-planned landing page. In fact, you may want to put together several different landing pages that can talk to the people who clicked on your ad.

What you don’t want are “lookey-loos” – curiosity seekers who have no intention of really buying anything. What you do want are those folks who are seriously looking for what you have to offer.

Here’s the most important key: don’t try to sell a product or service on your landing page! Offer something for free: a seminar, webinar, white paper, tutorials – anything you can think of to offer those people who have come to your landing page. Make sure it’s FREE. Why? You really want people to learn something about what you’re selling. If they’re educated, they’ll make an intelligent decision about buying what you have to offer. But because you provided the information, they’ll feel a loyalty to you.

The second important key is to make sure you deliver that free information in a manner that lets you stay in touch with your prospect. Get their email address – that’s the best way to deliver your freebie. Because then you can go on to do an auto responder campaign to keep your dialogue going, increasing your chance of selling something.

This isn’t revolutionary – the fact is many people have been doing this for a long time now. What’s crazy is that there are still many people who don’t use landing pages and don’t capture email addresses. Those folks are just wasting their money. Don’t be one of them – and pay-per-click will be an effective campaign for you!

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