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Forget the "Help Wanted" Ads

DATE PUBLISHED: October 20, 2011
Let’s say you have a position open for a new marketing director. In the “old days,” you’d put an ad in the local newspaper or specialty magazine, and wait for the resumes to pour in. Of course, the world has changed, and traditional help wanted ads have gone the way of Sony Walkmans and VHS recorders.

So what should you be doing now? Right – social media! You see, social media isn’t just a great way to promote your business; it’s also a great way to recruit for your business. And if you’re not using social media for recruiting, you’re probably missing out on some of the best candidates available.

How do you target candidates for your next hire? Like everything else, you go with the “big 3.” That’s LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Why? Well, for starters they have over half-a-billion combined users. That’s an awful lot of potential marketing directors for your company! But how do you target the right person for your position using social media? Read on!

Let’s start with LinkedIn. Prepare to cough up $195 to post your job for 30 days. There’s also a free way to use LinkedIn for recruiting using your “network activity box” to broadcast your marketing director’s position. Best part – check out their profile to see if they’re a good fit before contacting them.

For Facebook, start with the Facebook Directory to search for users, pages, groups and more. You can post a job for free using the Facebook Marketplace; but you can’t target it to a specific group like you can with an ad. A Facebook Ad gives you targeting capabilities – you can choose the exact candidates that you’re looking for. You can opt to use their pay per click, or pay per impression. You can tailor your ad – for example, if you’re business is in Chicago, you can target the ad to be seen only by people who live in the Chicago area (unless of course you’re paying to relocate the new hire).

Using Twitter can be powerful, especially for small companies. Just tweet something like, “looking for a marketing director in Chicago, great salary, apply at URL). Twitter lets you do a quick search, using “search.twitter.com for anyone using specific keywords that’ll get you lots of contacts. You can also search for candidates by location, by industry, interest or hash tag.

Hash tags, # - are used to filter and find info on Twitter. If you include a hash tag with a keyword when you tweet, it becomes searchable. Here’s an example: #job, #jobpost, #marketing #director, #benefits, #NAJ.” (That’s “need a job”).

As you can see, a whole new recruiting world has opened up, thanks to all the new social media tools that are available to you. So forget those “help wanted ads,” and stay connected!

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