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Building Brand Awareness Radio Campaigns

DATE PUBLISHED: July 31, 2013

When building brand awareness, radio may not be the first medium that comes to mind.  Radio has always played second fiddle to other, more popular, forms of advertising; television ads played a more central role in conventional marketing, while online ads have usurped even television’s power these days.  The idea that radio is no longer a relevant medium is, however, a misconception. brand awareness with radio

Radio has not disappeared, but it has evolved into a more diversified medium.  Radio’s strengths include being played in the background of commercial environments, lower avoidance rates by consumers, and high utilization at peak periods of the day.  Savvy marketers recognize that building brand awareness through radio campaigns is dependent upon learning radio’s strengths and leveraging them for marketing success.

Building brand awareness radio campaigns begins with researching the medium.  Music is, and will remain, an integral element of society.  Radio, therefore, remains a strong and vibrant platform for delivering marketing messages.  Almost 242 million Americans listen to radio at least once a week, and almost 68 percent of consumers are exposed to radio marketing at some point each day. Radio is the second most utilized medium behind television. 

If you are attempting to use brand awareness radio campaigns to reach market segments like minority groups, radio is often the ideal medium.  Radio connects with almost 92 percent of all African Americans weekly, and almost 95 percent of all Latino consumers each week.  

There is a high degree of market segmentation already built into radio, so your brand awareness radio campaign can target the groups you are most eager to reach.  Younger consumers, who often possess the greatest buying power, often gravitate towards the latest releases of popular music in the urban, rock and rhythmic genres.  Older consumers, who make more big ticket purchases, tend to listen to genres with more classic appeal. 

The Internet has also helped make brand awareness radio campaigns considerably easier to connect with market segments.  A diversification among radio stations allows consumers to choose the specific music style that most appeals to their tastes. Radio ads on these internet radio stations can be highly refined to match the characteristics of a particular demographic. 

Online radio also tends to reinforce a single marketing message, because radio listeners are less likely to avoid a marketing message compared to television or magazine users.

Radio has even greater penetration at peak periods of the day.  Although you may assume these peaks occur at drive times when commuters are going to or leaving work, you may be surprised to learn that certain age groups spend the most time listening to radio early in the morning or right after lunch. 

Building brand awareness radio campaigns can be a challenge if you are unfamiliar with the medium, but a little research and advice from highly experienced radio marketing professionals can make your radio ads a highly successful element in your marketing mix.

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