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Content Creation Tips for the Solar Industry

DATE PUBLISHED: July 26, 2013

The solar industry is poised to fulfill its longstanding promise to become a major player in the energy industry.  Solar companies are sprouting up left and right.  How do you make sure your company stands apart? Well, the most successful companies are applying aspects of inbound marketing. content creation for the solar industry

Your marketing team should be actively involved in content creation for solar power.  Your solar company needs to be producing blogs, eBooks and social media content that can tap into the budding interest in solar products.

To stand out amongst the competition, with your inbound marketing content can be based on these themes:

  • Sinking prices: In the past year, the cost of solar panels have dropped almost 20 percent, which makes investing in a solar power system well within reach for most businesses and homeowners.  Many investment analysts suggest that this drop in prices could continue as the technology behind solar panels becomes cheaper.  The analysts at Citi have stated solar power is at least as cost effective as power from the grid.  Now that the cost barrier has been eliminated your marketing team should be able to highlight this theme on Facebook, Google+ and on your blogs.  Producing eBooks that describe the downward trend of solar power system prices can also be extremely influential in B2B sales.
  • Popularity:  Many people are more easily convinced to make a major purchase if their friends or other influential people have already made the leap.  Identifying celebrities like Madonna and Jim Carrey as strong supporters of the technology can help push fence-sitters into making a purchase.  Content creation for solar can ideally be presented on social media sites because it is likely to spur others who have bought systems to voice their encouragement to others.
  • Environmental friendliness:  Most consumers would like to support products that are less damaging to the environment, and solar power is the ideal product for green consumers.  More importantly, this can be a major selling point in B2B sales, where client organizations are eager to demonstrate their commitment to the environment to their consumers.  Producing eBooks or blogs that describe the added profitability of green products can be a very powerful form of content creation for solar power.
  • Tax credits: Appealing to the financial rewards over the long haul can convince many consumers, but almost everyone responds positively to an immediate benefit like lower taxes.  With recent implementation of the Solar Investment Tax Credit, consumers can take advantage of federal incentives which can reduce the cost of residential and commercial systems by 30 percent. These tax credits may also be extended for years to come.

While your inbound marketing plan probably already includes a strong component of content creation for solar, you may wish to capitalize on some of these aspects in your marketing.  

The content on your social sites and blogs will capture and cultivate the interest of this growing market of consumers who may not yet recognize the emerging benefits of solar power.  

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