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Financial Email Marketing: How to Create a Drip System

DATE PUBLISHED: September 11, 2014

financial email marketing 

A financial drip system is simply a type of email marketing whereby your team methodically contacts prospects over the course of weeks and months. The logic is simple: most customers — especially those in the market for financial services and products — are not impulsive buyers. More than anyone, your team understands that converting prospects requires an establishment of trust, a compelling offer, and a consistent approach. And one particularly effective approach is the financial email marketing drip system.


We can all agree on the fundamental component of an email drip system: clients and prospects receive automatic emails from you throughout the year. But what should your financial email marketing process actually look like? Let's first start with your goals.


Now of course, the true goal of every email marketing campaign is to generate a conversion, but that comes later in the process. The primary, overarching goal of your financial email marketing campaign is to raise awareness. And since each prospect is different, email segmentation is a critical first step in creating a financial drip system. For example, you should set up a batch of leads that map to a specific buyer persona, say, a middle-aged man in the Sacramento area who is a prime candidate for taking out auto loans.


Now that you've established a strong prospect profile, you can roll out financial email marketing messages that speak to these needs, which brings us to the next input: delivering targeted messages based on the persona's location in the purchasing funnel. Let's look at our aforementioned example in Sacramento. What is keeping him from taking out an auto loan? Price point probably isn't a factor since rates are low; it's more likely an issue of value communication and unfamiliarity with your brand. Therefore, deliver messages that speak to these concerns. Include customer testimonials, include white papers, or have external links to your social media site where the prospect can see photos of your team working with the community.


Lastly, you'll naturally want a best-in-class financial email marketing platform to deliver these messages. For that, we suggest the product offering from our friends over at HubSpot, whose platform integrates and automates these aforementioned planning elements. For example, its platform allows users to segment your lists based on up to 1,000 different criteria. It lets marketers dynamically change email content, text, and CTAs based on the recipient's past behavior and patterned interest. And it includes integrated analytics, letting users track performance in real-time.


Now we'd like your feedback. Has your firm implemented an email marketing drip system? What's the most challenging part about email marketing? Is email marketing becoming more or less important in your overall marketing strategy?


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