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Get the Best Marketing Agency for Your Solar Company

DATE PUBLISHED: January 09, 2014

The solar industry saw huge successes in 2013 and the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down! With the increase in people going solar, so too are the companies offering solar solutions. That’s why hiring a marketing agency to spread the word for your solar business is paramount to the your growth and success. hiring a marketing agency for your solar company

However, like solar companies, not all marketing companies are the same. There are those who will give you empty promises and there are those who will deliver excellent results for your solar inbound marketing. The only question is “How can you guarantee that you will get the latter?”

The secret lies in choosing a marketing company that has the following:

Solar Industry Knowledge

It’s not enough that the company staff knows how to sell; they must be thoroughly knowledgeable about the solar industry, specifically the products and services you’re offering. Being able to discuss marketing strategies that perfectly fit the products or services without needing to pause to clarify jargons (e.g., mono-crystalline, glycol, inverter, etc.) or trends is crucial to make the brainstorming, transition, and marketing processes easier.

Expertise and Experience

New marketing companies might offer great ideas, but they can’t guarantee solid results like experienced agencies can. Understanding what solar consumers are really looking for, takes a lot of time and effort. If you want to save time and money without sacrificing the quality of your solar content and ads, you will need a highly-creative and experienced marketing company.

Marketing Platforms

When it comes to solar inbound marketing, traditional methods are just as beneficial as online methods. That means your chosen marketing company must be well-versed in marketing solar brands through websites, social media, print ads, direct mail, conferences, and the like. Being able to deliver your message not just through words but also images and videos will also give your solar business an edge over your competitors.

Control and Communication

At the end of the day, the real one in charge is still you. The marketing company you choose should be able to pitch great marketing strategies, but it must still be open to ideas and changes you propose. Different forms of communication and general availability to discuss terms, implementation, and the like must be present. Otherwise, miscommunication might become an issue, leading your solar inbound marketing campaign toward failure instead of success.

Price and Payment Terms 

Now comes the tough part. When choosing a marketing company for your solar business, you must be wary of prices and payment terms. This is a factor you should consider directly after determining the company’s solar knowledge and marketing expertise. The price must fit your budget and the payment term must suit your preference or need, but they should never be a reason for the marketing proposal and performance to be poor.

Marketing a solar business can be tough, especially if the burden is placed on the shoulders of a single person. A marketing agency can greatly reduce that burden and significantly increase your bottom line without requiring exorbitant amounts of cash. However, that’s only possible if you choose your marketing agency very carefully by following the tips we shared today. 

Do you want to get more tips on how to hire the best marketing company for your solar business? Then download our “How to Hire and Inbound Marketing Agency” ebook today.

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