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Going Green in Your Digital Marketing

DATE PUBLISHED: March 16, 2015

digital-marketingTomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and this year we here at Palmer figured that since we'll all be decked out in our brightest, most offensive green outfits, why not take it to the next level by exploring ways in which brands can “go green” in their own marketing efforts? After all, it's a win-win proposition: firms help the environment while also cutting costs.

One of the great things about digital marketing is that it has a far smaller environmental footprint compared to traditional outbound marketing techniques. It's far better for the planet to send an eBlast to 2,000 e-mail recipients instead of sending 2,000 letters in the mail. Therefore, we'll assume that you, the reader, already operates in a modern digital marketing environment and understands these intuitive environmental benefits. The challenge of “going green,” therefore, is to identify those last remaining marketing activities and techniques that still rely on approaches that can harmful to the environment.

The first and most obvious example is the classic marketing event. Now, we're not going to argue for doing away with all events; instead, revisit your current approach to see where you can make some environmentally-friendly adjustments. For example, consider ditching paper brochures or plastic promotional items. Most of your attendees already have smart phones; why not turn to digital options like social media and mobile apps?

Explore your venue options with an eye towards facilities with LEED-certification, LED lighting, and access to public transportation. If you work with a caterer, inquire about their green-focused practices. Do they use recyclable utensils, dishes, and water bottles? How do they dispose of leftover food? Speaking of which, how will your brand dispose of things like decorations, furniture, or paper products? And have a plan in place to recycle or donate certain materials to local nonprofits or community organizations.

OK, so now that we've tried to help your team make your events more “green,” let's quickly look at a few other options. Two that come to mind are digital billboards, which of course, don't use paper products, and car advertising. While the latter may sound a bit strange since cars, after all, emit emissions, the logic is simple. These cars are on the road regardless; why not use it as a platform to promote your brand?

Ultimately, our suggestion is to first make the most of all that green digital marketing has to offer and hold off on the more “outbound”-oriented approaches like digital billboards and car advertising. A well-designed inbound marketing strategy built on quality content will go a long way to attract leads, all while providing the additional benefit of being completely green. What's not to love?

How about you? Does your firm make an effort to embrace "green" marketing? If so, how? What are some green marketing "quick wins?"

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