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Honing up on Digital Marketing

DATE PUBLISHED: April 26, 2012
Every business with a focus on growth and profitability is now embracing digital marketing. Even those businesses that used to look with fear and trepidation at digital marketing are realizing that it’s not only the future of marketing; it’s the current marketing focus as well.

The problem for new entries into the digital marketing arena is that there are so many different approaches and tactics, that it’s hard to discern which ones are appropriate and viable for a particular type of business. But there are some universal “winners” – and if you’re looking to grab new prospects and convert them into customers, read on.

The core of all digital marketing is the smart user. Where consumers used to search for information, consumers now expect information to come to them and be a part of their lives. It’s already being done – small businesses are increasing their inbound marketing budgets and efforts, and there is increased attention to Facebook campaigns and location based advertising.

But there are other trends as well. One of the hottest trends is Group Messaging –with location based service is GroupMe and Beluga leading the way. Group Messaging allow users to communicate with one another in personalized groups of friends. It’s a marketers’ dream! I mean, what more could you ask for than to have groups of customers who are brought together by like interests, age and often location as well? Not much! Suppose you have a group message for those interested in mountain biking. The next logical step is to market to this highly targeted group with things like bikes, bike trips, gear and so much more.

Another hot trend is the attention being paid on the Internet to startups. Just look at LaunchRock. A company can use LaunchRock to create a landing page in no time at all. It’s a great way to collect email addresses and other user info that a company can then use to send information about their new product or service.

And if you’re looking for capital for one of your new startups, one of the hottest trends is called CrowdFunding – where people pledge money to startups of all types and sizes on the Internet. Got a new film, a new app or a new product? Check out sites like NewJelly, Quirky or Rockethub. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll find!

Finally, marketing folks are looking closely at websites like Quora – one of the Q&A websites that are populating the Internet. What’s so interesting about this? These sites offer a place for users to engage in a dialogue about almost any question. Businesses can send questions, put comments into a discussion chain, respond to competitor questions and so much more. TED and Facebook are now participating, so watch it take off!

More trends are coming – and we’ll keep you tuned in!

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