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How do you grow your email list?

DATE PUBLISHED: June 02, 2011
“People are always telling me to “grow my email list, so I can stay in touch with my customers. Are there some specific ways I can do this?”

If you have a “brick and mortar” retail store, or your livelihood depends on Internet sales, your email list is your lifeline to success. And growing your list each and every day is the key to your survival!

Here’s why – if you sell a product or a service and you don’t grow your email list, you might as well close your door and save whatever money you have left. Because as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, you’re going to begin bleeding customers and end up losing money. Fact is customers – for whatever reason – leave. They go away and never come back. So you CONSTANTLY have to replace customers and add new ones! And the best way to create new customers is by constantly staying in touch using email. And if you don’t have email addresses of your current customers – or potential new ones, you’re done. Finished. Kaput!
So here are some simple ways to capture those coveted email addresses of current and potential customers: Update and upgrade your website. Always look for new places to add permission-based opt-in boxes, so customers agree to receive future emails from you.

Create a stand-alone email sign-up page of your own. Make it easy for customers to be routed to a stand-alone email sign-up page, simplify your sign-up form and include a sample of the type of email they’re going to get. Always offer your customers a reason to want to get your emails – by offering something informative, money saving or timely.

Develop a mobile-friendly email sign-up page – since more and more customers are browsing the Internet using a mobile device, this is a good place to ask them to opt-in for emails. Once they opt-in, send out a very warm, friendly “thank you” email. It starts the dialogue process.

Offer discounts of premiums using online and social media. Of course, the only way customers can get these special offers is via email. You’ll be surprised at how many will begin to sign up and opt-in for your emails. And always cross-promote your email with your social media.

Finally, test and track your email capture. You have to know where customers are coming from, and what offer made them sign up for your emails.

As always, if this sounds like a lot of mumbo jumbo to you, simply hire a firm that does this for a living! At least you’ll know they’ll do what’s needed, and do it right!

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