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How to Boost LinkedIn Lead Generation

DATE PUBLISHED: August 09, 2013

By now, you should be familiar with LinkedIn’s reputation for helping develop relationships with other businesses and professionals. Screen Shot 2013 08 13 at 3.12.35 PM

However, you may not be using this powerful social media platform to its fullest potential.  With more than 200 million users and the highest visitor to lead conversion rate (2.74 percent) LinkedIn has a lot to offer inbound marketing professionals. 

LinkedIn has a wide array of tools that can further facilitate LinkedIn lead generation, which will translate into augmented revenue growth for your organization.

You can use LinkedIn to open doors to new potential customers and identify whole new market segments using the following tools and methods:

  • Utilize metrics to facilitate growth: The size of your network on LinkedIn should be a key metric to target.  As you increase the number of primary, secondary and tertiary connections, you will be increasing the pool of possible leads.  These figures should give you an introduction to establish a rewarding sales relationship, or, at the very least, allow you to expand your LinkedIn network to include a whole new group of contacts.  As your network increases, you should focus your marketing resources to those organizations with the largest networks, which often indicate greater buying power.
  • Join groups relevant to your customers:  If you are like most marketing professionals, you are seeking out the company of organizations that are related to your business.  While this may produce modest results, what you should actually be doing is joining groups that your customers are involved in. Using marketing data, you can identify the most energetic groups on LinkedIn in which your ideal market segments participate. Furthermore, joining a mega-sized industry group may not be ideal for most companies; your business may be lost in such a big pond.
  • LinkedIn Ads:  This is a paid advertising campaign that can significantly boost your LinkedIn lead generation. This is a pay per click system, so you are paying only for interested customers.  More importantly, you are paying for responses from professionals who are often the decision makers or influencers in their organizations.  This is usually a worthwhile marketing investment that can be scaled up or down depending on your budget and objectives.
  • InMail:  LinkedIn has a wonderful internal email service called Inmail. This service does have a cost, but the ability to deliver your marketing message to executives and managers who make purchasing decisions is often well worth the investment.  LinkedIn also provides a guarantee that if your inmail doesn’t generate a response, they will credit you for another attempt. 

Inbound marketing professionals are always looking to share their marketing message with customers where they are already engaged.  

LinkedIn is the world’s leading business social media platform, which is why your LinkedIn lead generation efforts are likely to produce outstanding results. 

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