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5 Reasons Why Inbound Marketing Is a Perfect Fit for B2B Solar

DATE PUBLISHED: August 11, 2016
Category: Marketing Strategy

By now it's pretty obvious that the internet has changed the way people make shopping decisions. Whether it's from reading Yelp reviews or by watching YouTube tutorials that endorse brands, the way that consumers are getting their info about products is changing. Similarly, the way that executives are making their puchase decisions is changing too.

The popularity of B2B online research probably explains why over 70 perfect of B2B businesses use content marketing as a tool to generate leads. Businesses want to make sure that they are easily found when other companies look for their offerings. Inbound marketing can work as a powerful magnet to draw new business partners, contacts, and customers to a company. It can work as a way to collect leads, offer information, and form new relationships. It's particularly well suited for marketing B2B solar energy companies. 

Why Use Inbound Marketing Specifically for B2B Solar Power Companies?

Why is inbound marketing the perfect tool to attract the attention of solar energy businesses? Just consider the state of the solar power industry today. Solar energy use has been growing rapidly in the United States, and the EIA expects solar to grow by over 15 percent by the end of 2017. This is an industry that is growing rapidly.

With that in mind, it's easy to see how B2B solar companies can benefit from inbound marketing:

  1. Connect with leaders in the solar energy industry: B2B social networks like LinkedIn provide a platform to build relationships with managers and executives from related companies. Since the industry is growing, this is the perfect time to pursue these relationships.
  2. Offer information about products and services: Downloadable white papers and blogs can offer broad and deep information about what companies offer. They can also introduce potential partners to a company’s mission and character.
  3. Enhance a brand: Review sites and online directories can let potential customers know about the great job that a business has done in the past. It’s always a good idea to tell potential customers about good experiences that current and past customers have had.
  4. Collect Leads: It’s easy to use social posts, blogs, and video sites to collect contact information from interested parties. Content marketers develop graphics, videos, and text that leave viewers wanting more in order to encourage them to make contact.

Get found before the competition: When a prospective business customer or partner searches for information, an effective inbound marketing campaign makes certain that a company gets noticed for consideration before their competitors do. Without a strong internet presence, companies risk losing business contacts to companies that have strong inbound marketing campaigns.

The solar power industry still has immense potential. Because it is so new, companies are just getting started and relationships are still being formed. When business leaders search online to find supplies, services, or contacts, inbound marketing gets their attention.