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Increase Your Brand Exposure - Not Your Budget

DATE PUBLISHED: May 24, 2013

In today’s world of marketing, having enough money to implement all the potential marketing initiatives you dream about is nearly impossible. Therefore, making wise choices with the funds you have is of paramount importance.  BrandExposure

Whether your company is young and eager to make an impact on the market or it has been around the block a few times, one of the most important objectives of your marketing team is to increase brand exposure.  

Making an impression on consumers these days has become an increasingly greater challenge, and doing so on a fixed budget doubly so.

By using these techniques you can better allocate precious resources to effective marketing initiatives:

  • Write compelling press releases—Writing text will always be one of the most cost effective strategies within the inbound marketing arsenal, but an engaging, well-written article in a major publication can produce outsized returns.  Posting an interesting press release and posting it to a popular site like PRWeb.com can lead to it being picked up by other sites, print news portals and even television.  
  • Blog regularly—Few inbound marketing techniques have the enduring ability to inspire conversations like a well-composed blog.  Infusing weekly or monthly blogs with insights into your company, products or industry can fuel interest and help your company enhance its reputation as an industry leader.  
  • Social media—The key to an effective social media campaign is producing content that makes some type of connection with visitors.  While it is not always cheap to create a compelling social media campaign, the returns on it can be enormous.  There are thousands of examples of individuals or small businesses that leveraged a single engaging video or marketing idea into increased brand exposure and monetary success.  Once you have created your marketing campaign, be sure to pick the most appropriate social media outlet; a hot, new site like Pinterest may produce greater returns than the traditional Facebook campaign. It will vary depending on your company and your objectives. 
  • Paid search ads—Not every ad budget has the capacity to incorporate paid search ads, but research by Google shows that the ads that float atop search results may increase brand exposure by as much as 23 percent.  Depending on your marketing strategy, it may be wiser to re-apportion some of your SEO dollars to paid ads.  
  • Inbound marketing—If your company relies on traditional forms of advertising like newspaper and radio ads, you may be wasting a large portion of your ad budget.  These outbound strategies are often very costly and generate less return on investment than inbound marketing techniques.  Depending on the size of your outbound marketing, reallocating much of these funds to more successful strategies like SEO, social media and content marketing may provide a higher ROI.

Producing greater brand exposure on an unchanging budget is not an easy task, but with a little ingenuity, it can be accomplished.  It may require some completely new tactics or, merely, shifting some priorities, but bolstering brand exposure will translate into greater sales and competitiveness down the road.  

If you would like some expert advice on how to maximize the return on your ad budget, you may be interested in learning our formula for success.  Click the link below to download the Palmer Process.

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