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How to Become an in Demand Employer with LinkedIn

DATE PUBLISHED: February 10, 2017

When we consider using LinkedIn for business purposes, we immediately think networking and lead generation. But there's more to LinkedIn than meets the eye. With LinkedIn business and career pages, you can position your firm as an "employer of choice," that is, the kind of company that everyone wants to work for. We'll show you how to do it.

Every day millions of job-seekers use LinkedIn to find work. Some may simply reach out to as many employers as possible, while others may be more selective. Particularly skilled applicants may only contact employers if the firm's LinkedIn page looks professional, well-written and highly recommended. Who can blame them? The implication, therefore, is clear: a well-managed LinkedIn page can create a pipeline of highly qualified job applicants.

At the most basic level, your LinkedIn company profile should have eye-grabbing images. Like with any other medium, people respond well to high-quality, compelling images. 

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Your company profile should also have awesome content. LinkedIn company pages allow businesses to publish blogs. We suggest you do so, as it will convey to job seekers that you're an expert in your field, and you also get the fringe benefit of potential customers engaging with your page. 

By far, the most important real estate on LinkedIn is their career pages. This is where you'll post jobs and articulate your employer brand. Some tips:

  • Show pictures of existing employees. It will build a stronger connection with viewers.
  • Use a catchy tagline. For example, the retailer Gilt Groupe's Career page tagline says, "Join us in creating a life more beautiful."
  • Creatively describe the job. Avoid cutting and pasting bland HR job descriptions. While viewers may still apply for the job, the text itself won't strengthen your brand or give the impression that your company is particularly interesting. Instead, describe the job in a natural, conversational manner.
  • Embrace other forms of media. LinkedIn Career's "content modules" allow you to share videos, testimonials, text content, and more.
  • Include the LinkedIn profiles of existing employers. The Careers page has a "People at Company X" module where you can include current employees. This will show job applicants who they'll be working with and allow them to check out their experience and credentials. You can also selected a "Featured Employees" module that allows existing employees to provide written testimonials about how much they love working for your company.

You have to hand it to LinkedIn. LinkedIn has quietly built a reputation as the preeminent network for lead generation and for attracting top-tier job applicants. With just a few tweaks to your LinkedIn company profile and career pages, you can transform your company into a magnet for qualified job seekers. 

Does your brand reflect how rad your company really is? Download our brand audit to find out.

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