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Palmer in Action: The Asparagus Festival

DATE PUBLISHED: January 08, 2013

Who doesn't love their annual county fair or festival? 

Here at Palmer we have been working with fairs and festivals for over 13 years.  They are one of our favorite types of clients to work with because they are in an ideal position to capitalize on a combination of inbound and outbound marketing services, including:

  • Social Media
  • Outdoor
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Blogging
  • eBlasts
  • Branding
  • Website Development

We recently started working on the Stockton Asparagus Festival campaign for 2013.  As the Asparagus Festival also takes place in one of our home bases of Stockton, California, it holds a very near and dear place in our hearts.

The Asparagus Festival is the largest charitable food festival in California.  Since the Festival started in 1986 they have raised over $5.8 million for local charities. Last year's festival brought in over 103,000 attendees in a three day span.

Asparagus Festival

The festival is truly an amazing and FUN event.  We couldn't be happier to work with their team.

Kate Post, Executive Director of the festival, recently wrote a much appreciated letter of recommendation:

"To whom it may concern:

On behalf of the 28th annual Stockton Asparagus Festival it is my pleasure to recommend Palmer.

The growth and success of the event is due to the superb ad campaign development and the management of our multi-media ad campaign.  The coordination of the radio, television billboard, website, social media and new phone application is entirely the responsibility of Palmer.  The added value that Drew Palmer is able to attain through his long-term media relationships and sponsorship track record is one of the reasons we have seen continued growth and success of our event.

Without the services, support and professionalism of Palmer, we simply would not be able to provide such a high quality festival.  This is one of the reasons we earned the title, 'Best of the West Food Fest' by Sunset Magazine.

With Best Regards,

Kate Post

Executive Director"

Thanks, Kate! 

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