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10 Financial Marketing Blogs We Love

DATE PUBLISHED: April 27, 2015
Category: Marketing Strategy

So much to read and learn about, so little time!

If you're a busy marketer at a bank or credit union, odds are that sifting through dozens of financial marketing blogs on a weekly basis isn't realistic. Yet it's imperative to stay on top of timely and tactical insights that can help you do your job better. We get it.

Because of our work with local and regional banks and credit unions, we've been growing our knowledge base of influential websites and blogs on financial marketing and innovation. So we thought we'd share with you what we've come across so far.

Using The Financial Brand as a starting point, we've whittled the seemingly endless list of financial marketing blogs to 10. Pick a couple and see if you're inspired!

1. Visible Banking. For brands looking to crack the financial blogging/social media code, look no further than Visible Banking, which does a great job of educating readers by providing real-world case studies.

2. The Raddon Report. This blog is a must-read for data lovers and number crunchers. Visit the home page and on the right-hand side you'll see the "Chart of the Day." It also has other interactive features like rating posts, polls, and the ubiquitous social engagement. Using quick, simple polls is a great way to gather market research over time.

3. Bank Innovation. You might have a simple assumption that marketers aren't that interested in technology developments in the banking sector. But that might be a mistake, especially when new technology has marketing and customer-facing implications. If you want to pay attention to those developments, then pay attention to Bank Innovation.

4. Forward Banker Blog by Deluxe. Interested in the area where financial blogging and brand management intersect? Then check out this blog. We especially enjoyed their April 15th 2015 post, "Traditionalists and Trailblazers in Innovation." Read it and determine which camp you belong to.

5. The Gallup Blog. The blog reads like a newsletter from a marketing consultancy firm. Examples of posts include "Increase Sales by Building Better Internal Partnerships" and "The Real Reason Problem Resolution Should Be a Top Priority For Banks."

6. Datamonitor Financial. Much like the Raddon Report, this blog provides useful data in bite-size, 250-word posts. It's weighted heavily toward international banking issues.

7. Informa Research Services. Less of a blog and more of a research aggregator, this particular site publishes a series of noteworthy banking promotions and products from around the web on a weekly basis.

8. Jeff for Banks. For marketers who crave a seat at the "corporate table," check out this site. It provides insights into how the C-suite thinks. Not surprisingly, it's all about the numbers.

9. Celent. This blog is all business. No flashy graphics, no bells or whistles; just highly rigorous and academic data analysis examining issues like payments and cash management systems, online and mobile banking, anti-money laundering and anti-fraud technologies.

10. Financial Services Club Blog. A "financial philosopher" is what the Financial Brand calls blogger Chris Skinner. If you want to expand your thinking about worldwide banking, as well as read critical insights about trends and recent events, this is the blog for you. It may not apply to day-to-day marketing activities, but Mr. Skinner's POV is worth looking into.

Again, pick 2 or 3 to dip into, maybe subscribe to one of them. Learning and expanding our knowledge and understanding is always valuable. And if you have a favorite financial marketing blog that's not mentioned here, then please let us know in a comment below.