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How to Utilize Your Solar Videos Through Paid Video Marketing

DATE PUBLISHED: November 03, 2014

Screen_Shot_2013-09-03_at_2.36.25_PMGoogle AdWords for video can be an affordable and highly effective online marketing channel for your solar firm. And while costs may vary — the average cost is six cents per view or click — the good news is that like traditional Google Adwords, you can set your own budget and easily measure your performance. Once your video is live, tools like Virool can help them "go viral" and reach even more people at minimal cost.


But before you upload your videos to Adwords, make sure the video itself adheres to a few basic principles.


First off, make sure your videos speak to specific lead concerns across the solar purchasing funnel. Most visitors to your site will be unaware of your brand and will probably be unfamiliar with the ins and outs of residential solar installation. Videos showing how technicians install panels or testimonials of satisfied customers will help address these customer needs.


Make sure the video is as professionally made as possible. Also don't make the video too long; 90 seconds, from our vantage point, is an optimal time to give viewers a taste of what they can expect. Lastly, make sure the video ends with a call to action. After all, you want leads to see the video and then reach out, so end it with "Want to learn more? Contact us for a free consultation."


OK, now let's turn to Adwords for video. Adwords lets advertisers display videos in YouTube search results before, during, and after videos on YouTube and the Google Display Network. This means that if someone searches "solar panels," your firm's video can pop up. Better yet, Adwords for video employs demographic targeting, meaning that if someone in San Antonio searches "solar panels," your ad will not come up because, after all, your firm is based in California. However, if someone in Fresno searches "solar panels," your video — you guessed it — can appear.


There are three types of videos you can show using Adwords for video marketing:

  • In-Stream, which play at the beginning, middle, or end of YouTube partner videos. Advertisers are charged once the ad reaches the 30-second mark. If the video is shorter, advertisers are only charged if the entire clip is viewed.
  • In-Search, which are displayed when specific keywords are entered. Advertisers are charged one time if the user clicks to watch the video.
  • In-Display, which appear next to other videos on YouTube "Watch page." Like In-Search, Advertisers are charged one time if the user clicks to watch the video.

Ultimately, you'll need to pay particularly attention to keywords. The best video in the world can prove useless if it isn't targeted towards the proper audience. AdWords makes it easy to accomplish this once your video is uploaded. Click here to get started.


This finally brings us to Virool. Virool provides users with a self-service advertising platform to promote videos that are 30 seconds or longer in Facebook games, mobile apps and various websites. Like Adwords, you can set your own platform and you can get started for as low as $10. Not surprisingly, Virool is considered a great option for smaller brands with small budgets. Before you open your wallet, though, check out this detailed case study, which concludes that, at least in this instance, the hype didn't match the reality.


Now we'd like your thoughts. Has your firm experimented with video marketing? What worked? What didn't? How does video marketing's return on investment compare with, say, social media advertising or e-mail marketing?

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