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The Right Way to Create a Solar Advertising Campaign

DATE PUBLISHED: February 06, 2014

There are hundreds of solar advertising strategies out there- How do you choose?! It can feel like facing a grand buffet filled with delectable dishes from every part of the world. However, as with every type of buffet, there will be dishes whose taste will appeal to more customers and those that don’t. If you want your solar ads to be the most popular "dish in the buffet", then you have to learn the right way to create a solar advertising campaign.

What is the right way? The answer lies in thoroughly understanding who your target audiences are and creating solar advertising campaigns to match their personalities and needs.

Who Are Your Target Customers?

Understanding your target market and getting as much information about your prospective customers are vital in creating effective solar ads. Generally, solar customers are between the age of 35 and 65 years old. However, they come from different locations and have unique backgrounds and preferences. To learn more about them, there are several things you need to do:

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One: Define Your Niche Market 

Who needs and will pay for your products and services? Who has already purchased from you? How does your solar product meet their demands? How did your competitors get started, and what marketing strategies are they using? These are just some of the questions you have to ask yourself to pinpoint your target market.

Two: Research Your Market

After defining your market, it’s time to do some research. Utilize the Google search engine, the AdWords keyword planner, and other keyword research tools to know what kinds of phrases and questions people use to know about solar products. Seek and participate in solar forums, get data from your sales/customer service team, and browse competitions’ social media pages as well. Doing so will help you create copy that your prospective customers will relate to, allowing you to connect with and persuade them easier. 

Three: Segment Your Customers

As earlier mentioned, solar customers have different backgrounds. Segmenting them based on location, age, gender, and product preferences (e.g., past actions such as clicks on specific product links or purchase) will help you tailor your ads to their unique tastes. It’s also beneficial for maximizing profits and reducing solar marketing costs. You can do this manually or by using segmentation tools or software provided by different marketing companies today. 

Creating a Solar Advertising Campaign

Once you have thoroughly researched and classified your target market, you can then create your solar ads. To get the best results, consider the following tips:

  • Use more traditional advertising methods (e.g., direct mail and poster) for older age brackets and more modern methods (e.g., web and social media ads) for those who are in the younger age bracket. Don’t forget to add keywords and discuss concerns you encountered during your market research.
  • Personalize your greetings, newsletter, and product recommendation based on their previous interactions with your solar company and your segmented customer list.
  • Don’t focus on your products; rather, emphasize the great benefits they offer. For example, a series of ads from Sunrun in 2012 pointed out that installing solar panels isn’t about being an environmentalist, but simply being thrifty and saving loads of cash in the long run.

Solar advertising can be difficult, given the fact that many are still hesitant to make the shift to a more eco-friendly power alternative. Nonetheless, by creating well-researched and personalized advertising and marketing materials, you can certainly pique their interest and change their minds.

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