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Brand Awareness Campaigns in a Modern Marketing World

Posted by Melissa Leiter on Fri, May 31, 2013 @ 07:00 AM

For most companies, the never-ending battle of raising awareness about your company’s brand is a constant issue. Brand Awareness

How do you raise brand awareness without spending a fortune? What works? What doesn’t? 

Well, of course, for every client it’s different.  Unfortunately, there is no set formula.

First and foremost, of course, becoming comfortable and established with your brand is essential.  You want your brand to represent the true core value of your company.  Think you may need to reevaluate whether or not your brand is working to the best of its ability in terms of representing your company?

We may be able to help. Click the link below to download our Brand Audit guide.


download the brand audit guide


Once you have a solidified brand, you will know more specifically who you are looking to target.  This is key.  Knowing your audience and where they can be reached is essential before starting any brand awareness campaign. 

Depending on where your audience is, a combined inbound and outbound marketing strategy that utilizes the appropriate tactics and channels for reaching your target market is suggested.

At Palmer we generally combine several or all of the following tactics:

  • Email marketing- Using a list of contacts that have opted in their email address into your CRM system; send targeted offers and/or relevant and helpful information about your industry or product.  It’s important to not be sales-ey in these emails but rather present something of value for the end user.  That impression will last much longer than a sales pitch.
  • Video- An informational video that is featured on your website and then sent out through email marketing, social media and blogging is a great way to spread information about your product or service while subconsciously impressing your brand on the viewer.
  • Social Media- Social media can be tricky. It’s appropriate to first decide which channels would be best for your brand to be on. If your objective is to raise brand awareness being highly active on Twitter is usually a good place to start.
  • Social Media Advertising- Advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Twitter may be a good solution for your company to kick your brand awareness campaign up a notch and get in front of a larger target audience.  All the platforms have great targeting options.  Tip: before investing in social media advertising, make sure you have an established social media presence and are engaging with what fans you do have.
  • Banner Advertisements- Banner ads are a great way to get your brand repeatedly in front of a target audience.  The design of your banner ad is key, as you want to make sure it attracts peoples’ attention. 
  • Negotiating Added Value- If you have a larger budget and do decide to go with an advertising agency that opts for managing your brand awareness campaign, make sure the agency has a good reputation with media buyers.  Signing on with an agency that can get you more bang for your buck is one of the best reasons to utilize an agency. 

There is a whole plethora of ways to raise brand awareness for your company.  Like any marketing strategy, make sure you set obtainable goals and know your target market.

From there, determine your budget.  Once you’ve determined your budget and know where your target market is hanging out you’ll be good to set up your brand awareness campaign!

What marketing/advertising tactics do you use to raise brand awareness?

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