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3 Solar Referral Campaigns That Work Wonders

DATE PUBLISHED: January 31, 2014

Acquiring a new customer can be difficult given the fact that most new sales only happen after several connections. Fortunately, there’s a way to can connect with more targeted leads while developing a deeper and more beneficial bond with your existing customers. Enter solar referral campaigns. solar referral campaigns

Solar referral campaigns are highly beneficial in that they can reduce your marketing expenses while increasing your conversion rate and improving customer retention. It’s a choice strategy for businesses that want to get a boost (companies that have been operating for some time already) or a head start (if they are startup). 

If you want to get the same results for your solar company, then you ought to use the following referral programs:

Discount Coupons

Most people who own a solar system use it to support or backup their primary electricity source as an efficient, environmentally friendly way to save more money. This means that at the moment, they are still paying for other energy bills. Giving your customers electricity discount coupons will not only make them excited to refer family and friends; it will also help them in their goal to save money. Alternatively, you can offer discounts for new installations, premium upgrades, extended warranties and repair services.

Cash Incentives

This is perhaps the most popular of solar referral campaigns. Basically, this program rewards people a certain amount of money for every successful transaction they have referred. The money can be a fixed price (e.g., $200 for home installations) or a percentage of the total sale. After a transaction is completed, the referrer is usually sent a notification for when and how they will receive their prize money.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a fun award to offer your customers and, at the same time, start a mutually beneficial relationship with businesses from the same or complementary industries. Just like with cash incentives, you can offer varying gift card prizes based on the installation type (i.e., residential or commercial) and/or cost.

Referral Campaign Planning Tips

To guarantee the success of your solar referral campaigns, there are several things you have to remember:

  • The qualifications and instructions for joining the program as well as claiming the offered prize offered should be as simple as possible.
  • Create referral forms that will facilitate actions (e.g., inquiry, visit, or purchase) from the referred person instead of simply asking for a name and contact number.
  • Prizes should be relevant to your business and useful to your clients.
  • The prize should be enticing but must take into account the base cost of the solar equipment and installation and your expected profits.
  • You have to decide whether the prize will be offered only to the referrer or both the referrer and the referred.

Going solar is a way to show Mother Nature that we still care. Make your customers feel special, increase your bottom line, and help promote nature and energy preservation by starting effective solar referral campaigns today.

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