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Business E-mail Makeovers

DATE PUBLISHED: June 01, 2012
How many business emails do you get each day? Five? Ten? More? Chances are, you’re getting more and more emails these days because businesses are finding that they’re not only inexpensive, they actually work. If you’ve tried to use email, unsuccessfully, it’s time for a makeover. Here’s how to make your emails better.

Start out with a subject line that grabs peoples’ attention. Before they hit “delete,” you have to make them want to continue reading. An interesting subject line is the key. You can use humor, ask a question or give some important facts, like “save 50% for 24 hours.” Used properly, they all work.

One of the places many businesses fail with email is that they don’t tell the customer what to do. So make your message clear – tell your prospects exactly what action to take – like, “call before 9 tonight and get free shipping.” Tell them what you expect, and what they can expect from you!

Here’s a big one: make sure you put some fun and useful content in every email you send. Make it interesting – give people some good reasons to read your email, and the emails that will follow. If you get recipients used to expecting fun and informative content, they’ll actually begin looking forward to your emails, and will open them each and every time.

Use professionally designed emails, because the truth is, if it’s boring or ugly, it’s going to see the trash faster than you can say, “adios.” Use color and graphics, easily readable type and keep it imaginative. Most importantly, make it easy to read.

Less is more! Don’t overwhelm people with too many emails. Keep your mailings to a minimum, and try to make the ones you send more effective. Otherwise, you’ll be seeing a huge increase of “opt outs,” and your database will drop significantly.

One mistake a lot of businesses make is to be too formal. Relax! Keep it on a personal level by asking people how they’re doing, and show them ways you’re able to help them with your service or products. Ask questions, start a dialogue and you’ll not only make new friends, you’ll end up making new customers as well.

Finally, make sure that you deliver on whatever you promise. Don’t pull any surprises or try to sell more than is necessary. People will resent your attempt and you’ll lose their trust. Once you do that, you’ve lost a customer.

Email works, if you use some sound marketing tactics. These work – so use them!

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