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DATE PUBLISHED: September 23, 2011
You’ve heard all about social media marketing for your business, right? And how if you’re not on the proverbial bandwagon, you’re going to be left to fight for business on your own. Well, before you get involved with the “sexier” top social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, don’t forget to include one of the most important social media tools in your arsenal: blogging.

Yes, that basic little blog is rapidly becoming today’s new website. As people have less and less time to weed through complex websites with multiple headers and multiple drop-down pages that can at times be overwhelming, a blog is your ticket to drawing in your customers and those coveted potential customers as well.

So how can a blog help your business? Let me count the ways!

Having a blog is a common business practice, because blogs offer multiple functions that can work to help build your business brand. First blogs help to put a personal face and personal voice on the company. They can serve as a platform for company announcements; bring traffic to your main website, provide timely news, and they’re helpful in tying in other parts of Internet marketing, including linking back to your own website – which helps to draw in search engine traffic. You see, while a blog is primarily targeting customers, there should always be elements of blog marketing and search engine optimization in every post.

You can do this by including a heavy emphasis of keywords that are searched for, as well as putting in some strong – and relevant content. Another way to achieve increased search engine rankings with your blog is by using a heave dose of graphics. Many browsers conduct image searches via their search engines, and by incorporating graphics you won’t have as much competition with image searches, as you would have with traditional keyword searches.

When it comes to blogging, length is not as important as frequency. The more you blog, the better it is. Keeping the blog interesting with up-to-date links and news is critical in keeping readers (those customers and others) coming back for more. Put in facts, figures and your own commentary – and from time-to-time put in content that has nothing to do with your business or industry.

A blog is now being used in many ways to pull in new traffic and new business. You could use it as a “how to” guide, introduce new products, or simply provide new information to your audience on your business. Just be committed to keeping it posted on a regularly scheduled basis and stick to it – because after a while, our audience will be looking for it – and will become very disappointed when a new one isn’t there!

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