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What’s New on Facebook?

DATE PUBLISHED: January 10, 2012

So many businesses have jumped on the Facebook bandwagon that it’s hard to believe there are still companies out there that are still not using it as a marketing tool. But if you’re serious about social media marketing, and you should be, then you need to make Facebook the main platform of your marketing program.

While there are as many different approaches to using Facebook as there are companies using it, there are some key points to consider when using Facebook to help promote your business.

First of all, make sure you let everyone know that you’re on Facebook! How? Just send out emails, notes, and any other ways to communicate that you have a Facebook page. And be sure to put the Facebook symbol on all of your advertising.

Be sure to schedule updates to get your Facebook community involved with your page. It may take a lot of time that you don’t have – but there are ways to do it on an automated basis. Just look up sites like Hootsuite or Ping.fm. How do you get people involved with your business? Ask questions, add posts, and send out tweets to invite people to your page.

Here are some other things that most businesses fail to consider. First, you must have constant exposure. Putting up a Facebook page is fine, but without the constant exposure, you’re just another business with a Facebook page. Use social media! Tweet relevant notices as often as practical. Post relevant YouTube videos, always with a mention of your Facebook page. Send out emails to your customer lists. Keep content related to your business, but if you have some useful information to share, people are always interested in finding out new or unique things.

Now that people are coming to your page – grab their attention. You can do this put putting out content on different social networks. There are thousands of them – just Google “social networks” and watch the lists that come up. You’ll probably find several dozen that relate to your business. Use them!

Last but not least, get others to share the content that’s on your page. Have them tweet and post your content on their websites with links to your Facebook page. If you’d like to take a lesson from Facebook, check out their posts on their Marketing and Marketing for Small and Medium Business pages. There are many “how-to” and success stories, even tips on how to use the “Like Button” to your advantage. The more you learn, the more successful you’ll be using Facebook as the cornerstone of your social media marketing program.

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