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Mobile Marketing

DATE PUBLISHED: January 13, 2012
If you’re an advertiser using social media, (and you should be!) here is some important information about targeting your customers. Most people are now using smart phones, and it’s predicted that by 2014 more than 50% of people will be web browsing on a mobile device. That includes phones, tablets and other devices. So where are all these people coming from? The computer.

If you’re an advertiser, it’s time to go mobile!

You can’t ignore the statistics. 50% is a huge number. But reaching those folks isn’t exactly easy, considering you have text messaging, mobile app display ads, search ads, video – the list goes on and on. So here are some tips and suggestions on how to stay connected to your customers and potential customers.

Recognize the importance of text messaging. It’s low cost, easy to use and it’s the most common ways to communicate. 98% of all phones have text messaging capabilities right out of the box – no downloads or installation to worry about. Thanks to unlimited messaging plans from the carriers, text messaging beats out email and phone conversations. As for using text messaging, well, consider this: 63% of all mobile subs in the U.S. used text messaging last year, and it’s going up.

But here’s the best reason to use it as an advertiser: 99% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes of receiving them. 99%!

Another option to consider is rich media. It offers more than text messaging, like video, sound and gaming, for example. Studies have shown that almost 33% of people pay attention to rich media ads, and 20%+ continuously viewing them. It takes more time and skill to create these ads, but it has a huge potential for attracting your customers.

You also better start planning a mobile website or app. If 50% of the people are going away from their computers, you’ll need a website that meets the needs of a mobile user. The jury is still out on whether to go web or app, but you’d better start planning on one or the other now.

Finally, there’s mobile video to put on your plate. While it doesn’t rank high up on the list of ways to target customers right now, it’s growing and many experts predict that it’s going to become a major force in the coming years. Stats show that currently just under 10% of mobile phone users are watching videos – and that is expected to double in the coming year! Now is the time to start thinking about new opportunities and options to use this growing tool to reach your customers with sound and visuals.

It’s an exciting time for advertisers. Just make sure you’re prepared to meet the challenges.

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