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Palmer Talks Advertising with the Central Valley Business Journal

DATE PUBLISHED: September 09, 2011
This week we had the privilege of discussing our current role in the industry and how we have kept moving forward in a time of economic uncertainty.It hasn’t been easy but what it comes down to is listening to clients, assessing what is needed and then applying the newest and most cost effective ways to achieve results. Drew Palmer, agency principal and founder of Palmer Advertising, brings some insight as to how we accomplish this.

The article states many ways to which we address our client needs, including various forms of “social media, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), along with traditional media,” says Drew. Each media choice is thought through with a finely tuned and proper strategy for our clients as we work closely with them to figure out what mix will deliver results that are measurable. We highlight that we help keep our businesses afloat by utilizing technology that is not only innovative, but also relevant and where high volume audiences are located in today’s environment.

We weren’t the only ones buzzing about the importance of social networking and simply the idea of spending less to get more results. Other companies explained how they, too, are working toward implementing strategy that achieves measurable results. Return on Investment (ROI) is key and mastering ways to track success will be an advertiser’s best friend as we push through this recession. Check out the article, it’s a good read! http://www.cvbizjournal.com/general/local-news/successful-ad-agencies-make-the-most-of-technology.html.

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