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How to Create Landing Pages that Capture Solar Leads

DATE PUBLISHED: October 21, 2016

The solar industry is poised to become one of the real leaders in the energy sector. 

Solar Company Lead Generation

While the technology continues to mature and prices steadily decline, more consumers are eager to take advantage of clean solar energy.  This has not escaped the attention of the business community, who are just as eager to cash in on growing consumer interest. 

While the industry may benefit as a whole, individual businesses are struggling within an increasingly competitive market.  The key to capturing market share is taking advantage of the many available outbound and inbound marketing channels.  

Inbound marketing channels are especially important, as the demand is already quite large.  As inbound marketing is essentially about attracting people with valuable content, the solar industry presents a perfect opportunity to utilize these marketing tactics. Attracting potential consumers with a plethora of valuable content about the solar industry is a valuable way to get leads.  Whatever inbound marketing channels are utilized, it is absolutely essential to couple it with a website that has a distinctive call to action leading to a landing page which distinguishes it from the rest of the pack.

In order to produce a landing page that grabs the attention of eager consumers, solar businesses may wish to capitalize on the following suggestions:

  • Comprehensive production—While the solar industry is widely populated with specialized enterprises like designers, research groups, manufacturers, and repair organizations, there are relatively few enterprises that can boast of being a one-stop destination for all things solar.  A single producer of solar products is much more likely to obtain the respect and attention of the average consumer.  Instead of spending time and money purchasing products and gleaning information from a wide variety of sources, consumers can bookmark a single site that provides all that they need. The landing page should feature a clear message that this website is a comprehensive resource and have an easily navigable database of products, services and information.
  • Financial services—There are plenty of consumers who are willing to purchase a pricey solar system or product, if they can find a financing option that meets their budget.  Rather than presenting the price to the consumer on the landing page, highlight the economic rewards of a free energy system, government subsidies and tax breaks, and financing options.  Stoking the enthusiasm of the consumer will make the ultimate price of the system considerably easier to digest.
  • Offer an energy audit—While many consumers are eager to spend less on their energy bills, they may not recognize how much money they are throwing away, when they could be investing in their homes. By offering a free energy audit which details the amount of energy they spend, solar companies can present themselves as a trusted partner who shares the cost-cutting ideals of their consumers.  Furthermore, once the consumer acquires the taste for saving on their energy bills, that enthusiasm can be transferred to a solar system. This will be even more cost effective for a home or business that consumes less electricity. 

The landing page of a website is an often overlooked aspect of inbound marketing.  Generating leads and attracting traffic should be combined with a website that effectively meets the needs of the visitors.

What is your unique selling position? Find it. Spell it out.  Make a landing page to emphasize it in exchange for their contact information so that you may market your products or services to them in other ways. 

Consumers should find the useful content reason enough to fill out your landing page form and even return to you as a trusted solar source time and time again. 

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