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How can I use email marketing to turn "lookers" into customers?

DATE PUBLISHED: March 16, 2011
So, you want to start putting the Internet to work for your company? Good move! More and more people and businesses are making purchases online. And the process starts with a good website and email marketing. In fact, an effective email marketing campaign is just as important as having an effective website!

Ok. You’ve spent a lot of time, effort and money creating the perfect opt-in email campaign. You’ve acquired a great new list of opt-ins; better still, you have a new list of double opt-ins. Now that you have their permission to send emails, start sending!

Industry statistics show that the first three weeks are the most critical for converting a new subscriber from a “browser” into a loyal customer. Because the newest subscribers are the lifeblood of your list, keep the emails coming at them. Send an offer “exclusively for new subscribers.” Send them links to different areas on your web site, or an archived eNewsletter of interest. You could also send them links to special interest articles, or news articles on other, non-competitive sites. The point is, once you’ve said, “welcome to my brand,” don’t stop! Keep the emails coming at them.

One point to remember, give an immediate response to every new subscriber – and not only a “welcome new subscriber” acknowledgment, but as many other offers as you deem appropriate. Just make sure you’re sending them something of value. The more you can expose them to your brand, the better your end results will be.

You should have an automated response sent to new subscribers that confirms their opt-in. But this is just the start of a long brand-building process. Here’s a basic list of elements that will help to maximize your message:
  • Thank you! – Plus confirm when and where they signed up
  • Invite the new subscriber to fill out a “preference” form – along with a postal mailing address – just in case the email changes or disappears
  • Ask if you can be added to their address book – this helps to make sure that your emails get delivered
  • Provide the subscriber with customer service contact information – your toll-free phone number plus special email addresses and links
  • Give them a special “for new subscribers only” offer
  • Links to your newsletter or archives
  • Don’t forget to give a link to an opt-out option! (keeps it legal!)
If any of this sounds like a foreign language to you, it’s time to call in some experts. Get involved with a marketing firm that can help you use email effectively in building your brand - and your sales.