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Should I be doing radio or television broadcast advertising?

DATE PUBLISHED: March 24, 2011
YES. And that’s not a trick answer either! The truth is, with the right budget and the right media plan, you can put your business on radio AND TV – just like the big boys, and you can do it without breaking the bank.

If you’re ready to promote your product or service, one of the most cost-effective ways is to use broadcast advertising. That’s because the right radio stations and television programming lets you target the most appropriate prospects out there. And you can do it in great numbers. It’s all thanks to the highly technical side of demographics and psychographics. Now, before those big words scare you away, suffice it to say that somebody’s already done the work for you. By “work” I mean they’ve determined who listens to specific radio stations, and who is watching a specific TV program at a specific time.

Not too many years ago, most businesses were excluded from using TV – because it was deemed “too expensive.” That all changed when cable programming went regional. You can now purchase specific areas of most larger markets, targeting zip codes and homes that watch specific shows, like CNN, Headline News, FOX News, MTV, etc.

Also, production costs have come way down, thanks to digital capture and editing. So a TV commercial that used to cost thousands and thousands of dollars to produce now costs a lot less. Plus, you can often make deals with cable companies to produce your spot in exchange for a larger schedule.

So how does this “targeting” thing work? Let’s say you’d like to reach all men 40 – 55 years old, who are white collar workers and own their own homes. Easy! A computer printout will show you the radio stations that those particular folks listen to, and which cable or network shows they watch. Yep, those darn computers are at it again. Only this time, they’re on your side, crunching those demographic numbers to come up with just the right mix of stations and programs that’ll help to ensure that your advertising money is well spent.

Here’s one suggestion: work with someone who really understands the nuances of media planning and media buying. Rate negotiating is a fine art; done right it could significantly increase your budget – and the number of times your spot is seen, and/or heard. And in broadcast advertising, frequency is key. Experts can give you the frequency you need to run an effective campaign. The more times your spot runs, the better chance of the right people seeing it, hearing it and – most importantly, responding to it. Which is exactly what you started out to do in the first place!

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