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Facing up to the New Facebook

DATE PUBLISHED: June 20, 2012
Have you been on Facebook since the big change to “Timeline?” If you haven’t you should check out their new format, because it will definitely impact the way you use Facebook for marketing.

Facebook is a great media vehicle with over 133 million users in the US, which comes in handy for companies’ looking for a unique place to advertise. It can be a great tool for businesses, if it’s used the right way. The new “Timeline” feature is more image-focused, and offers much larger pictures than in previous versions. In fact, since timeline came about, there has been a 65% increase in photos and videos used for advertising. Some companies who started posting photos and videos to their Facebook pages have seen their number of likes and comments actually triple from previous measurements.

Facebook now offers real-time data, giving businesses the ability to immediately see the success (or not) of their campaign, determining whether their ads are working or not. When a company can see that a campaign is working, they can increase their advertising to increase their reach of their campaign.

Businesses are also using Timeline cover photos for marketing purposes. In fact, by using images at the top of their Facebook page, companies are turning this into banners ads for their brand. This provides great exposure for the company with their fans. And by using different calls to action, including posting questions on the image, fans are now able to interact with the cover photo (or banner ad, if that is what’s being used). One company using this tactic in a positive way is Subway. They’re using the photo image as a banner ad to promote their new BBQ Chicken sandwich, which provides great exposure to their 13 million fans.

Another huge trend on Facebook is using games as posts. The biggest user of this tactic is Coca-Cola. They post URL riddles, and their millions of fans are responding in a huge way. JetBlue started using this tactic as well – instead of simply posting info, they began to use more interactive posts like, “fill in the blanks” status updates. By doing so, JetBlue saw a 182% increase in comments that other typical brand posts.

The last trend that Facebook users are jumping on is finding new and innovative ways to say, “Thank you!” to their customers. By finding creative ways to call out fans, you can single out individual fans and give all the others an entertaining experience.

As you can see, the landscape of Facebook marketing is changing. As Facebook changed, so did the companies who utilize Facebook as part of their marketing efforts. Start by going online and seeing what others are doing – then get creative and start using it to your advantage as well!

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