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How to Effectively Use Google Plus for Solar

DATE PUBLISHED: November 26, 2013

 Google Plus has gained immense popularity during its conception and release, acquiring millions of members. Many marketers have previously shunned it away in favor of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube after the activity fizzled out in the months succeeding its release. However, Google’s recent efforts in integrating and popularizing the social media prove that it’s now crucial to use the network for marketing purposes. Google  for Solar

As with every social media platform, each can be used for different tactics in different industries.

Google Plus for Solar Businesses: 5 Must-Follow Starter Tips:

Tip 1: Complete Your Profile

Seeing an incomplete profile is like seeing a sponge cake. It may taste great, but the appearance is too plain for people to fall head over heels in love with it. To attract attention and command respect, you ought to make sure that your profile is complete before starting a solar marketing campaign. Here are things you specifically need to do:

  • Add a high-quality cover photo (2120x1192).
  • Write a compelling About page. Keep in mind that the first 77 characters make up your Google+ snippet on search results.
  • Add links to your store, other social media profiles and a website where you have or are continuously contributing content.

Tip 2: Create Circles and Join Communities

Segmenting customers is highly beneficial in creating more targeted content and, consequently, acquiring more sales. In Google Plus, the easiest way to segment your customers, business partners, and other followers is by creating circles. 

Circles allow you to share specialized content in the form of text, link, or video to specific segments of your customers. It also helps you post more often without being seen or marked as spam.

Aside from circles, it’s also a must to start and/join communities when using Google Plus for solar marketing. There are several communities out there with solar or sustainable bussines creating these groups.There are several reasons why this is important, some of which are the following:

  • Sharing thoughtful content in industry-related communities help you establish yourself as an industry leader.
  • It helps raise awareness about your niche and improve your brand visibility.
  • It helps you reach people who are already interested in your products and drive targeted leads to your website.
  • It allows you to collect pertinent data (based on your users’ posts) about what intrigues them in the solar industry.

Tip 3: Start a Page

Although you can use a personal Google Plus account for marketing, the charm and professional feel of a page can help you reach more people and develop branding easier. As with a personal account, a Google+ business page allows you to upload a cover image, add links, post an About page, offer contact information and post as a company on pages and in communities. Aside from these, it also offers the following features:

Choose a type of page. The choices include local, brand, product, company, institution, arts, entertainment, organization, or others.

Add brand managers. These people can help you post information and content on the page, create circles and join communities on your behalf.

Tip 4: Don’t Forget Hashtags and Mentions

Just like Facebook and Twitter, you can tag keywords and people when you use Google Plus for solar marketing. These two are highly crucial for succeeding with Google+ since it helps you with the following:

  • Get indexed faster and rank on relevant search results within the network.
  • Attract key people’s attention. This is especially useful when citing sources and connecting with influencers.
  • You can add a hashtag by adding “#” before a keyword or phrase (e.g., #solarmarketing). For mentions, you can use either “+” or “@.” If you want people who are currently not a Google Plus user, you can do so by adding their email after the mention symbols.

Tip 5: Use Google Plus and +1 Badges

This is perhaps the easiest way to market your business and content using Google Plus yet the one often taken for granted. You see, just because you are using Google Plus for solar marketing doesn’t mean all your marketing efforts must be contained within the network. 

Contrary, adding Google+ page and +1 badges to your website and blog, you are increasing your chances in expanding your network.

Google +1s can indirectly help your Google Plus marketing efforts. How?

  • It helps for establishing your authority and increasing your site’s page rank.
  • A +1 generally leads to more shares and links with the network. Done by notable figures, this link can help you in your link-building and SEO campaigns.

Some people might deem Google Plus for solar marketing to be ineffective. However, most who say so are simply not aware of the network’s capability. Try Google+, following the tips shared in this article, and find out how helpful it can be for your solar business.

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