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Keep E-mail Marketing Personal

DATE PUBLISHED: August 15, 2012
More and more companies are using email campaigns to stay in touch with their customers – as well as their prospective customers. Some call these “drip campaigns,” and they’re triggered by some event – a person inquiring about a product, someone registering for a prize – they’re all based on having “given permission” to receive emails.

Now that you have a person’s permission, make the most of your emails. Keep it personal! Sounds pretty basic, but most companies overlook that simple little mandate. And “keeping it personal” is not a complicated process. It just takes some thought and planning.

First, make your email helpful. Give someone a reason to not only read it, but also look forward to receiving it because it contains helpful information. It could be instructions, a recipe, a “remember this important date reminder” – something that relates to your business and your audience.

Make it personal. This isn’t time for some corporate “mumbo jumbo.” This is a time to say, “Hi, I look forward to seeing you at the next (whatever). Have it sent and signed by a real person, and keep the tone very personal. You’ll have a much higher conversion rate on this type of email if you do.

Have the email respond to something the person has done in the past. For example, have the email say, “it’s been over 6 months since you placed an order with us.” Or anything else that’s personal and applies to the recipient.

If you’re sending a drip campaign to people who are cancelling a service or leaving a program, keep it personal as well. “We’re sorry you’re leaving us after 2 years.” And give them plenty of options to reconsider, along with different ways to change their minds – by phone, email, or web address.

Another tactic that many companies use is to send emails that remind people to order or reorder. But instead of simply reminding them to order something, turn it into a selling opportunity. “It’s time to reorder your (health product), and if you order today, you can receive a 20% discount on any other item on our website!”

Most importantly, make it fun! Use a human voice, keeping it conversational. Make sure the messages are targeted and relevant based on the recipient’s age, demographics and previous order history. And make sure it’s all about them – not all about you. Do that – and you’ll have a successful campaign!

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