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Newspaper Advertising - Succeeding or Depleting in a Digital World?

DATE PUBLISHED: August 23, 2012

August 21, 2012 - Anaheim, CA

"The following is a statement from US Newspapers:

Newspaper advertising has undoubtedly changed within the last decade. Televisions, laptops and cars have too. Change is inevitable and in most cases creates something superior to the predecessor.

The internet is the fall of newspapers. Not true. The fact is the internet has changed the way most industries do business. Newspapers are not immune to this phenomenon. Thought to be the downfall of newspapers, the internet has given birth to a whole new newspaper audience, and a new way to secure some lost newspaper advertising. In fact, newspaper websites are among the most trusted source of online advertising. The point, internet is not a downfall; it's an added value for both the paper and consumer.

Newspapers are losing readership. Not true. Newspapers still benefit from significant readership. According to Scarborough Research more than 100 million adults read a newspaper on an average weekday. Donna Barrett, President and CEO of Community Newspaper Holdings, Inc. explains the problem with newspapers is a revenue issue and not a lack of audience.Newspaper advertising has long supported the business expenses; however, the recession has led to a decrease in ad spending, putting financial strain on newspapers.

Even with loss in advertising revenue,community newspapers continue to prosper. With smaller expenses, staffs and overhead, they have not felt quite the blow of the recession. 80% of US newspapers reach a circulation of 15,000 or fewer. 8,000 of those newspapers are classified as community newspapers. Advertisers recognize the benefits of advertising in these newspapers.Community newspapers hold the key to local news that directly affects readers' daily lives. The National Newspaper Association reports that 81% of those surveyed read a local paper each week.

The newspaper industry and newspaper advertising will continue to change and adapt, evolving to fit with the times. There will be changes, but one thing for certain is newspapers have been indispensable to our communities for over 300 years and will not disappear, even in the face of change."

Newspaper Advertising -- Succeeding or Depleting in a Digital World.

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