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6 Lead Generation Tactics for the Auto Industry

DATE PUBLISHED: March 01, 2013

The objective of every automotive dealer is to attract new buyers. Auto Lead Generation

Creating the optimal marketing strategy to grab the attention of jaded consumers is a challenge for most auto dealerships, but these techniques can help break through that hardened shell of indifference.

  1. Direct mail: Direct mail fliers or letters can produce a large number of leads if the mail list is segmented properly. Using market research, you want to target consumers who are most likely to be in the market for your variety of vehicles. A flyer explaining the latest financing options, new models, and third party recommendations can help stoke enthusiasm about a new car purchase and lead customers to your website or car lot.
  2. Search Engine Optimization:  With the latest updates from Google, many dealerships may be behind the curve on how to move their website up in rankings.  While it may be time for you to invest in a SEO specialist, it’s possible you may only need to start developing quality content on your page.  This may include videos that highlight the benefits of your sales and service professionals, or providing content on other high quality sites that can link back to your website. Creating and optimizing a Google+ account could also be a good idea.
  3. Post on AutoTrader.com:  Although they have boosted their prices, AutoTrader.com is still one of the most trusted and visited sites on the Web for car shoppers.  They help sell almost 30 percent of the cars in the country; therefore,  it is essential to have some type of presence on this auto marketplace/auto buyer site.
  4. Post on Google Auto Advisor:  Google has shown it can leverage its dominance of the search engine market into higher sales for companies that utilize its Google Advisor products.  Google rolled out its Auto Advisor in 2012 and is allowing dealerships to post hot deals on it.  
  5. Volunteer at community events:  While car sales are now occurring frequently on the regional and national level in addition to local dealership sales, it is still critically important to have strong local presence.  Encouraging your staff to participate in community events with the YMCA, Boy Scouts and Red Cross, for example, will help establish your position as a leader in the community, which will develop more contacts and enhance your reputation.
  6. Promote your brand on social: Using the appropriate social media platforms, promote your brand on social media outlets.  With a combined effort of social media, advertising and sharing engaging, relevant, image-heavy content, others will promote your brand all over social networks.

Generating leads is critical to growing your business, but you should also keep in mind it’s important to respond promptly to the leads you receive.

Leads that receive a response within a few minutes of their submission can lead to a 65 percent likelihood of visiting your dealership.  Having an agile, responsive sales team will complement your lead generation strategy. 

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