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Use Social Media as Part of Your Solar Marketing Strategy

DATE PUBLISHED: March 05, 2013

The solar industry could be benefiting greatly from the public’s growing enthusiasm for becoming environmentally conscious, combined with the steady increase in costs of most types of energy. 

While some companies have achieved steady gains there is still a gap between industry expectations and actual revenues.   

Social Media for your Solar Company

While it can be overwhelming on how to approach marketing your solar company, it is critical that companies recognize two key features of the solar industry. 

First, this is a young industry that will strategically develop as technology intersects with economic returns. Second, the time to acquire market share is now, before big energy giants recognize the profitability of this incipient industry.  

In order to establish yourself as a leader in the solar industry, you have to understand the social pressures that are motivating public interest.  Then you must adopt those trends into your marketing strategy and demonstrate to consumers that you understand their position. 

What better way to fully execute these strategies than to become engaged with consumers on…social media?!

Social media marketing for the solar industry presents huge opportunities for solar companies to reach their target market.  Some of the most active members on social media are interested in progressive ideas, i.e. becoming environmentally conscious.

Furthermore, many people go to their social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as a source of information and a place to do research.  As solar energy is a progressive idea that still needs a lot of explaining to the average consumer, social media marketing in the solar industry presents the perfect opportunity to become a thought leader.

Plan of attack: Become a thought leader in the solar industry via your social media marketing campaign.  By positioning yourself as a trusted expert, when people decide to go to solar they will think of you first.

The following are some more detailed ways of which you can leverage social media for your solar company:

  • Produce games—In 2011, SunPower launched the Solar Discovery Game on Facebook, which promised a grand prize of a $25,000 solar energy system.  This stoked enormous interest in potential consumers and helped lift SunPower into a position of prominence within the industry.  Prizes, contests and valuable content will cultivate enthusiasm if properly presented to consumers.
  • Inform your consumers—While many consumers are holding off on a pricey investment into a solar energy system, you can still cultivate a strong thought leadership position with this market segment if you provide valuable information about the current state of the solar industry on channels such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+.  You can boost enthusiasm and keep consumers intrigued about developments in the industry by showcasing new technologies on the horizon and projected costs of more conventional energy sources.
  • Showcase your commitment to the environment—While consumer decisions are primarily driven by their pocketbook, it is important to recognize that this particular industry’s success owes a lot to the greening of the public.  If you are able to emphasize how dedicated your company is to maintaining and rehabilitating the environment through causes like the Conservation Fund and Sierra Club, you can establish relationships with like-minded individuals on Facebook and Twitter.  Having your staff share their environmental interests on your company’s Facebook site can help attract consumers as well. Furthermore, your Pinterest page can act as a collection of environmental, sustainable and solar approaches, trends, images, etc.
  • B2B marketing—Webinars and white papers on YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn can help businesses interested in the cost savings of solar energy more easily find you.  Be sure to highlight the benefits that your company provides, for example, maintenance plans, cost effective upgrade plans and marketing techniques to highlight their green initiatives. If your company participates in trade shows or events, be sure to record and upload the most engaging interactions to these sites so that businesses can see how popular you are.  

There are numerous opportunities to connect with enthusiastic families and companies on major social media platforms.  The key is to keep their interest piqued while the technology and pricing strategies mature. 

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