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DATE PUBLISHED: January 16, 2020

Palmer Ad Agency continues to earn its reputation as the go-to marketing agency for solar companies around the country. In the past few weeks, we’ve announced two new solar clients: a leading U.S. commercial solar developer and the U.S. operations of a global solar panel manufacturer. And we’ve expanded the services we provide to a leading California residential solar installer.

Solect Energy 

Solect Energy of Hopkinton, Mass., is one of the ten largest commercial solar developers in the U.S.Palmer is providing Solect with a full suite of strategic advertising and marketing services, including brand development, digital advertising, marketing automation, direct mail, public relations, blog, SEO, and website enhancement


Vikram Solar US, Inc.

Vikram Solar US, Inc., is a Tier 1 solar panel manufacturer based in Framingham, Mass., with warehouse facilities on the West and East coasts. The Vikram Group -- Vikram Solar’s parent company -- is headquartered in West Bengal, India and has worldwide operations. Palmer is providing Vikram Solar US with strategic services including market research, digital advertising, public relations, website enhancement and social media. 


Citadel Roofing and Solar 

In addition to the new clients, our role with Citadel Roofing & Solar of Vacaville, Calif., has been expanded. Citadel is one of California’s largest and most experienced roofing and solar contractors. We now handle all of the company’s marketing needs for the entire state. This includes brand development, lead generation and nurturing, marketing automation, digital advertising, public relations, blogging and social media.


Palmer signed our first solar account in 2008 when the country’s solar industry was in its infancy. Our early entry into solar marketing gives us more solar experience than virtually any other agency out there.

As a result, we’ve established a strong solar business in California and beyond, working with regional, national and international clients. Our portfolio of solar clients now includes residential installers/commercial solar installers in California, Connecticut and Massachusetts; and commercial solar developers in California and Massachusetts.

We like to think we’ve succeeded with solar for a few reasons. First, our 32 years of traditional and digital marketing experience has allowed us to bring solar installations companies into today’s marketing world. Many of today’s solar companies grew out of more traditional home contracting companies, like roofing and HVAC, which rely on a very small set of traditional marketing activities.

Solar contractors, on the other hand, have to employ sophisticated marketing techniques, in particular marketing automation, if they’re going to reach their prospects where they hang out, whether those prospects are B2B or B2C.

The second reason Palmer continues to sign new solar clients is that our size and business model match the needs of many solar companies. Solar is as dynamic as any industry out there. Companies ride the ‘solar coaster’ of constantly fluctuating federal and state policies, which demand agility from their own teams but also their marketing agencies. Palmer is the right size to provide all the services offered by the biggest agencies, while remaining nimble and quick to adapt to the shifting priorities, projects and budgets that characterize life in the solar business.