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Q&A with our Social Media Intern

DATE PUBLISHED: May 13, 2014

In today’s job world, being a fresh college graduate can be tough. Finding a job, a career, a future can be very difficult. However, if you try hard enough you can find that position that allows you to get your foot in the door of an industry that you want to be a part of or even one that you think you want to be a part of!

For our social media intern, Richard, he found that opportunity here at the Palmer Ad Agency. 

We wanted to provide some insight in what life is like for a social media intern here at the Palmer Ad Agency, so we asked him a few questions about his background and his experience here so far.

Q: When did you graduate from college?Screen Shot 2014 05 12 at 3.02.18 PM

A: I graduated in May of 2013.

Q: What did you major in?

A: I received a Business degree with concentrations in Marketing and Management.

Q: When did you start at Palmer?

A: I started in January 2014. 

Q: How did you come to Palmer? 

A: With my two concentrations, it took me awhile to decide which one I wanted to pursue. When doing my research on marketing jobs, the term ‘advertising agency’ continuously popped up. I thrive in fast paced environments and I found my opportunity to get in here at Palmer. 

Q: What's a day in the life of a social media intern like?

A: Every day, every task is different. It is very important to be well rounded in an advertising agency due to the spontaneity of the job. Some of my consistent duties include posting on social media, real time engagement with followers, blogging, proofing and making myself available to help anyone in the marketing department as well as anyone else who may need my assistance. 

Q: What do you like best about your job?

A: I love the environment and the team here at Palmer. Everyone helps each other and everyone works hard to accomplish team tasks. Though we all have our individual To-Do lists, we are all working together to reach common goals. The team, the family here at Palmer is amazing. 

Q: How do you continue to educate yourself about inbound marketing/social media?

A: I continue to educate myself by taking every task as a learning experience. Continuing to learn new and more effective ways to complete tasks as well as discovering new things along the way. The inbound marketing team here has made it very clear that they want me to continue my education and become the best marketer that I can be. Furthermore, I'm continuously reading new articles and blog posts about different marketing tactics.

Q: What's your favorite social media platform and why? Personally and for marketing purposes?

A: Personally, I love to use Instagram because of the creativity that can be put into every  +post. For marketing purposes, I would say that Facebook is the most effective platform. The amount of things that you can do as a marketer makes it a very useful platform for creatively getting messages about your business out there, and the analytics that Facebook provides areamazing. 

In his 5 months here, Richard has grown and learned new tasks almost daily. His role and his responsibilities continue to grow. We are very happy and proud to have him as part of the inbound team!

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