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Quick Solar Marketing Tip: Infographics

DATE PUBLISHED: May 10, 2013

Your company’s marketing team is probably extremely eager to share information about your products to as many consumers as possible.  In doing so it is important to consider some important limitations.  You want to share as much information as possible in the most compelling way.

Enter the infographic. An infographic is a visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data. 

solar infographic

An infographic for solar marketing has features that make it an effective informational and promotional tool. When creating your solar infographic it should:

  • Be MemorableUsing an infographic for solar marketing to convey the most important facts through stirring images, bright colors and well placed statistics serves as a mnemonic device.  Even if the content is not remembered in detail, the imagery will remain in the mind of the viewer.  This strong grip on memory is also a good reason to prominently display your company logo on the infographic.
  • Piques curiosityWhile a wall of text is less likely to inspire curiosity, an appealing chart with a clear message is likely to stop visitors as they peruse an article.  Given that much of the information regarding solar products is technical in nature, it is likely that few casual visitors will pore over specifications, but they may be inspired to delve into the details if an interesting infographic has awakened their interest.
  • Broad appealConsumers come from diverse backgrounds; some may be quite used to highly technical discussions, while others are more interested in only the most superficial details. An infographic for solar marketing is able to appeal to consumers across the spectrum.  Casual visitors are able to obtain key facts quickly, while visitors with more investigative bent can use the infographic as a springboard for the more complicated details.
  • PortabilityA beautiful infographic for solar marketing that also effectively communicates key facts will be shared more readily. These images can propagate through the social media universe and lead more visitors to your website.   Once again it is important to integrate your logo and possibly your website into truly stunning infographics that are likely to be shared.
  • SEOFrom a marketing standpoint, one of the greatest advantages of a popular infographic for solar marketing is its ability to bolster your company’s rankings on the major search engines.  Pinning an infographic on Pinterest or Facebook that links to click-throughs will lead more visitors to your landing page and alert Google to the popularity of your site.

While it may not be a priority for your marketing team at the moment, creating a captivating infographic can provide a wide range of marketing benefits. 

The ability to grab the attention of visitors, raise your company’s visibility among solar consumers and search engines, and provide essential information in a compelling way makes infographics an ideal marketing tool. 

Creating a captivating infographic is just a small marketing task that should be part of a bigger process. To learn how Palmer approaches advertising and marketing, download our free eBook:


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