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Adding Video to your Marketing Efforts

DATE PUBLISHED: May 14, 2013

Almost anyone who peruses YouTube is familiar with those short one to three-minute videos, which provide an introduction to a new product, organization or process.  Those videos are called explainer videos in marketing parlance.  

The use of explainer videos has grown exponentially in many inbound marketing strategies due to the strong evidence that they can increase conversion rates by 20 percent.

Well-crafted explainer videos have helped companies like Dropbox and HubSpot become enormous successes.

There are several compelling reasons why such a simple tool can be so effective:

  • Retains attention—While most visitors will only give a new website between 8 and 12 seconds to grab their attention, an explainer video can engage them and keep their attention throughout the three minute span.  This added investment on the part of the visitor provides a deeper understanding of your company’s value proposition.  This heightened understanding is the basis for a stronger relationship with your company, which directly influences purchasing decisions and boosts conversion rates.
  • Visual attraction—While a lump of text can probably explain what your company does and how its products work, it is often a less attractive way to learn.  Most people are visual learners, which means they obtain understanding most effectively through a demonstration.  The visual elements of explainer videos are more likely to appeal to more visitors than merely static images or text.
  • ClarityWith only two or three minutes to convey the benefits of your company, an explainer video should encapsulate the most essential details and present them in the clearest possible fashion.  If your company utilizes a complex process or product, simplifying it for the sake of an explainer video makes your company considerably more appealing to new customers.
  • Music—The appropriate use of a musical backdrop can enliven any presentation and inspire an emotional response from viewers.  Incorporating a tune that relaxes or invigorates the viewer can help maintain their attention.
  • Appealing animation—Most explainer videos use animation instead of a live presentation because animation is more likely to communicate concepts more clearly; viewers are less likely to be distracted by superfluous details in a simply drawn animation than a video of someone drawing on a blackboard.  Additionally, the costs of animation tend to be less than that of live footage.
  • Curiosity—The great impulse to learn about a new product or organization is often blunted by typical websites, but with a high quality explainer video, that impulse can be bolstered.  With the right script you can stoke the viewer’s curiosity, compelling them to stay for the entire three minute span.
  • SEO—Google factors in the length of time visitors stay on your site, so having a reason for visitors to remain elevates your position on the rankings page.  This feedback loop of increased visits leading to longer stays and vice versa should provide returns on your investment far into the future.

Any effective inbound marketing strategy should incorporate an appealing landing page. There are few website features that can compete with a concise, engaging video.   

An explainer video with the right combination of information and appeal can be the springboard for your company to achieve new levels of success. 

If you would like more information on how to properly create an explainer video, we are happy to help! Click the link below:


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