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Solar Branding Questionnaire

DATE PUBLISHED: April 10, 2014

Revisiting your brand is like going to your doctor for a check-up: it's critical to the health of your solar company. But what does this branding exercise look like? What are the questions solar companies should ask themselves? And what will these answers tell you about your brand?

Our solar branding questionnaire aims to make this process both simple and structured. Solar companies can use it find out what their brand communicates to the public. It also provides useful feedback to help you modify your brand accordingly. The questionnaire is 

organized by looking at the following criteria:

The fundamental nature of your business. Here you answer questions:

  • What is the nature of your service—in one sentence?
  • Who are your primary clients or consumers?
  • Who are the people (titles) within an organization that you sell yourself to? Who do you ultimately work with?

Equipped with this information you have baseline describing the core components of your brandUp next the questionnaire looks at:

The personality of your solar company. Here you answer five questions pertaining to your company's personality, which include:

  • Screen Shot 2014 04 07 at 2.21.45 PMWhat is your work environment like? ("all serious," "fast-paced," "team-oriented," etc.)
  • If your solar company were an individual person, how would you describe it? ("energetic," "formal," "friendly," etc.)
  • If your solar company were a bumper sticker, what would it say?

So now you have generated insights into the fundamental nature of your company and its personality. The final portion of the questionnaire is the most action-oriented as it alludes to:

The positioning and marketing of your company. Here the questionnaire asks six questions, including:

  • What is your primary shortcoming or weakness that could potentially lead to failure?
  • What factors in the solar business environment do you need to overcome to succeed? Competitors? Tight budgets? Lack of perceived need for your service? More advanced technologies?
  • What is the precise business objective that you would like your marketing program to achieve?

Based on the research you collect from these questions and the others, you can then create a solar brand platform document, which will outline your brand personality, brand promise and key messages for your business.

The brand platform is developed through a combination of varied forms of research, current situation questionnaire, brand questionnaire and agency intuition and expertise. Once the data is synthesized and revealed, we can help by providing a comprehensive company guideline for all of your branded communications and business marketing.  

Looking for more help? Contact us for a free consultation and walk-through our Solar Branding Questionnaire.

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