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The Business Case for Twitter Retargeting

DATE PUBLISHED: August 28, 2014

Your inbound marketing strategy is only as successful as your ability to deliver relevant ads to unique audience segments. And that's why we'd like to talk about news that AdRoll just launched ad retargeting on Twitter. It's good news for brands looking to reach savvy mobile users with relevant ads. But before we look at why this is the case, some background is in order.

retargetingWhat is Retargeting?

Retargeting takes a user's previous online behavior and delivers content based on this information. Retargeting has traditionally been employed based on a user's behavior within a specific site ("site retargeting") or their search history (you guessed it: "search retargeting.") Now, however, social media networks are dipping their toes into the retargeting waters, and it presents a great opportunity for marketers. Here's why.

The Benefits of Retargeting

Retargeting makes sense because it helps marketers create relevant ads to users based on their own documented behavior. It's a simple concept, and a potentially very lucrative one. Facebook's stock has improved recently and it's partially thanks to their mobile advertising efforts and their Exchange platform, which allows advertisers to roll out retargeted ads based on users' Facebook information, Likes, etc. After all, users have voluntarily offered mountains of highly valuable personal and commercial data on Facebook; now the network is allowing advertisers to access it. It's this very same logic that underscores AdRoll's new retargeting effort on Twitter. 

AdRoll Retargeting on Twitter

In fact, AdRoll gives a shout-out to Facebook on their home page, noting: "Twitter Retargeting works the same as standard web or Facebook retargeting. If a visitor comes to your site to learn about your products, but leaves before purchasing, AdRoll can display a Promoted Tweet (which enables businesses to reach more users) or Promoted Account (which helps businesses grow their Twitter community) the next time they check Twitter. This helps bring prospective customers back to your site, or gets them to follow your page, and keeps you top of mind." For more information on how to retarget AdRoll audience segments on Twitter click here. 

Twitter Retargeting in a Nutshell: Relevant, Mobile-Friendly, and Measurable

Ultimately, brands owe it to themselves to experiment with Twitter retargeting on a limited basis. By its very nature, retargeting technology ensures marketers reach the right customers using valuable and relevant data. Furthermore, the platform remains incredibly popular and as AdRoll notes, 76% of Twitter's monthly active users access the platform on mobile devices. As a result, marketers can be well-positioned to re-engage potential customers both at their desktops and on their smart phones. Lastly, marketers can easily measure return on investment using this data-centric approach. If a limited campaign works, brands can move forward. If not, they can recalibrate their approach or abandon it entirely.

Now it's your turn. Has your firm experimented with retargeting on Facebook? Would you consider Twitter retargeting? Why or why not?

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