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What Makes Successful Instagram Marketing?

DATE PUBLISHED: August 27, 2013

What may have initially started out as a mobile app for applying fun filters to photos taken with a phone has become one of the hottest new platforms for marketing professionals.  instagram marketing

Instagram was initially designed to doctor photos through the use of filters, which could take the normally mediocre pictures most phones produce and convert them into fun images worthy of retaining and sharing with friends.  

This two year old application has added a variety of new features, including video, that has made it one of the ideal distribution channels for cutting edge inbound marketers who want to attract customers with captivating visuals. 

Learn the tricks these major companies utilize through Instagram marketing:

  • Victoria’s Secret—it is no surprise that many of the most successful Instagram marketing campaigns are operated by companies with visually appealing products.  The models who showcase Victoria’s Secret lingerie are appealing to a broad audience, and Instagram is the perfect platform to present their marketing images.  It is important to note Victoria’s Secret isn’t just utilizing titillating images to boost their Instagram marketing; they are using competitions for instagram users to snap pictures using the app.  Not only does this cater to the shutterbugs using this application, but it also helps build brand awareness for the company.
    • Indianapolis 500—Sporting events can produce some thrilling images and the sponsors of the Indianapolis 500 are leveraging that wisdom to help market their annual.  Using a robust social media strategy, the Indianapolis 500 asked Instagram users to submit photos for a chance to win a luxurious weekend during the race.  The photos were also used in the ad campaign preceding the race. More than 52,000 images were submitted to this Instagram marketing campaign. 
    • Lexus—This luxury car company utilized the vibrant Instagram community to produce one of the most distinctive videos in recent memory. Using more than 200 Instagram users, the producers filmed their 2014 IS while it maneuvered around a test track.  Using the thousands of images from these volunteers, Lexus was able to craft a video from the submissions.  While this particular Instagram marketing example doesn’t showcase the application’s video features, it is a truly memorable use of the medium.
  • American Express—This financial company has been an innovator in the use of social media sites to raise brand awareness, and Instagram marketing is another platform this company has utilized well to capture consumer interest.   With almost 27,000 followers, American Express has leveraged its immense customer base to produce some compelling images that show how their services can produce excitement and enjoyment.  American Express is also an excellent example of how to cross-market using Instagram; their images are also linked to their other social media sites on Pinterest, Facebook and Google+.

Instagram appeals to almost anyone who enjoys beautiful images, and using this dynamic new application should be a natural fit for almost any inbound marketing professional eager to drive traffic to a website or showroom. 

With the right competition, promotion or marketing idea, an Instagram marketing campaign can be the springboard to a host of new customers.

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