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How Pinterest Rich Pins Could Help Your Business

DATE PUBLISHED: August 23, 2013

If your company has products that it would like to showcase on Pinterest, you may be happy to learn the social media site has made it more exciting to post product photos there. 

rich pins

Rich pins are a new feature, which allows interested viewers the option of scrolling over an image and learning key information including vendor name, price and availability.  Pinterest rich pins are also able to list recipe ingredients and serving information for appetizing foods as well as background information for movie images.  This new feature should help bolster your inbound marketing initiatives to attract new customers from online locales they are already participating on.

Among the most alluring features of Pinterest rich pins is their Price Drop Alerts, which notify users who have pinned an item when they have dropped in price.  If a user has pinned a product image on Pinterest, they will receive an email when that product drops in price.  With tens of millions of products already on Pinterest with pricing information, this social media site combines the best elements of a photo gallery and a retail outlet like Amazon.

If you are reluctant to add Pinterest to your current selection of social media platforms, you may wish to reconsider.  In the three years that Pinterest has been in existence, it has rocketed to the third largest social media site with more than 70 million users.  Pinterest receives almost 2.5 billion page views each month with the average amount of time for each user visit clocked at 14.2 minutes.  Pinterest is also a hotbed of user activity; almost 80 percent of its images are repins, where a user has copied an image from another Pinterest site. 

More important than mere user interest is Pinterest’s commercial viabilityPinterest users are ten percent more likely to purchase from a vendor on this site and willing to spend up to ten percent more. Almost 42 percent of visitors have incomes between $25,000 and $50,000, while almost 29 percent earned incomes from $50,000 to $75,000.  Pinterest rich pins also appeal to visitors; pins with pricing information received 1.5 likes compared to 1.1 likes for those without. 

Implementing Pinterest rich pins, however, does involve a slight learning curve. You will need to choose between the oEmbed or the Semantic Markup method of implementation.  While oEmbed is a more robust and flexible method, it does require a bit more technical savvy. The Semantic Markup method only requires you to alter your product page templates to display pricing and availability information, but it does not support multiple products.

Whether you are a longtime fan of Pinterest or this platform has just popped up on your radar, you should recognize the enormous potential for ecommerce that this site now offers through Pinterest rich pins.  With millions of eager consumers who are attracted to the gorgeous images of the most appealing products on the market each day, your company can whet their appetites with the latest pricing information and entice crowds of new customers through your inbound marketing funnel to your landing page. 

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