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11 Twitter Marketing Mistakes Made by Solar Firms

DATE PUBLISHED: October 03, 2014

solar twitter marketingMost solar firms use Twitter to help reach new followers, identify leads, and grow their brand. However, due to all the other marketing-related demands on their plate, many solar firms — just like many non-solar firms — fail to consistently and effectively leverage the network for these critical business purposes. Now, if you look at the title of this post, you'll see we used the word "mistakes." We admit that's a little harsh. Most of the "mistakes" solar brands currently make on Twitter are simply mistakes of omission, where solar brands — just like non-solar brands — neglect the platform in favor of other pressing concerns.


With that as a caveat, you may be making mistakes on Twitter by not…


1. Optimizing your business profile. This involves having a compelling picture that will engage users and convey experience, a strong business bio, and links to other social media networks and your Web page. Also consider things like listing all your sales reps that use the platform for business purposes.


2. Creating a logical Twitter handle that speaks to your brand. Similarly, another common mistake is when Twitter users include numbers in their handle. Think stocktonsolar123. We're not suggesting solar brands do this actively, but they'd be wise to avoid the temptation. As our pals at HubSpot note, using numbers in a Twitter handle comes across as unprofessional.


3. Consistently tracking what people are saying about your brand.


4. Tweeting regularly (at least three to five times a week) about content that resonates with followers. Click here for other tips for actively engaging followers on Twitter.


5. Retweeting accolades from followers. Similarly, make sure to thank or "favorite" those who Tweet at you.


6. Using Twitter to market promotions or upcoming events.


7. Promoting unique content your team has created (blogs, Webinars, FAQs, Fact Sheets, etc.)


8. Using it to build relationships with other industry players, community stakeholders, and leads. Twitter Search enables you to find people who have Tweeted about applicable topics like "going solar." Seek these people out and make contact with them.


9. Following what followers are following. (Got that?) Twitter allows you to see whom your brand's followers are following. Check out who's on their radar to see if there's overlapping interest.


10. Pushing Twitter followers to an external site where they can engage your brand at a deeper level, contact customer service, or view important pages like customer testimonials.


11. Exploring Twitter retargeting ads. It isn't free, but Twitter retargeted ads help you create tailored ads to followers based on their previous behavior on the network.


Now we'd like your feedback. What are your brand's biggest Twitter marketing challenges? How are you addressing them? Is Twitter still a viable marketing tool for your team?


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