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7 Important Inbound Marketing Blogs

DATE PUBLISHED: August 19, 2013

Inbound marketing is about bringing people who are already interested in products similar to yours to your organization.  You may find these people through social media, search engines or content creation.  inbound blog

In contrast to conventional outbound marketing techniques like print ads or television commercials, which attempt to push your marketing message upon a wide group of consumers, inbound marketing utilizes the already present desires of your target consumers to help attract them to your website or showroom.

Inbound marketing strategies have become increasingly popular in recent years as more companies devote more of their advertising budgets to internet marketing.  While this underscores the strength of this marketing model, it also presents the challenge of distinguishing your organization from the rest of the herd. 

To learn how many companies are overcoming this hurdle, you need only visit some of the most creative inbound marketing blogs on the internet:

  1. Copyblogger—This inspiring inbound marketing blog utilizes well-written and compelling articles to showcase the latest breakthroughs in this marketing field.  Not only will you learn about new inbound marketing techniques, but you can also pick up tips on how to write engaging blogs.
  2. Find and Convert—This is a highly insightful inbound marketing blog that dishes out the latest ways to find and attract consumers or businesses to your landing page.  This comprehensive blog tackles many of the most important areas of the inbound marketing world.
  3. Full Quota—While other blogs tend to limit themselves to general concepts, this impressive inbound marketing blog devotes in-depth articles to the intimate details of this constantly changing world.
  4. Guy Kawasaki—This blog is published by one of the inbound marketing world’s most accomplished leaders. His insightful articles provide a peek inside the marketing industry, allowing you to learn the tricks employed by the industry’s most successful marketers.
  5. Heidi Cohen—Another outstanding inbound marketing blog produced by one of the marketing world’s most celebrated innovators, HeidiCohen.com is packed with useful tips to streamline your inbound strategies.
  6. Inbound Marketing Agents—The informative articles on this blog are sure to educate you without losing your interest.  The informational content on this inbound marketing blog is spiced up with excessive personality, which will help you digest even the most complex marketing ideas and techniques.
  7. Market 8—This leading blog provides nuts-and-bolts analysis of the latest inbound marketing techniques which you can adapt to your own marketing mix.  The articles on this blog are not always for the newcomer, so you may wish to keep your marketing dictionary at hand.

The world of inbound marketing is a rapidly evolving one with inspiration popping up in the most unexpected corners.  While no single blog is going to provide you with a completely comprehensive understanding of the latest developments in inbound marketing, reading two or three of these leading forums should help inspire you to adopt some new techniques or refine some old standbys. 

If you are eager to employ some of these inbound marketing techniques, but not sure where to start, you may be interested in downloading our How to Hire an Inbound Marketing agency guide:

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