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The Benefits of Using Facebook for Your Dealership

DATE PUBLISHED: August 20, 2013

With almost 1.1 billion active users and almost 665 million log-ins daily, Facebook is too big to ignore.  As the largest and most recognizable social media site in the world, Facebook has more to offer than ever, including a growing market of mobile users and a large participation rate among young consumers aged 25 to 34.  facebook for your automotive dealer

Facebook remains one of the most powerful inbound marketing tools available to your dealership.  

Some of the many benefits of Facebook for your dealership are:

  • Maintaining customer relationships: The purpose of social media is to interact with online communities, so Facebook is the perfect venue to keep in touch with past customers.  You may use your time on the site to discuss upcoming features on new models, showcase financial options, and promote new service deals. The majority of your time on Facebook does not have to be dedicated to advertising; instead you should be cultivating stronger relationships by listening and responding to customer issues.
  • Generating new leads: The real appeal of Facebook for your dealership should be its ability to generate new leads which can produce conversions.  Unlike marketing in the local newspaper or on a billboard, your marketing message can be heard by potential consumers across the country.  Even if your focus is primarily local or regional, you can utilize Facebook to access new consumer groups who you may not immediately recognize your company as an ideal target segment.  Younger consumers who are only just joining the auto market are often an under-appreciated market segment, but one that is particularly active on Facebook.
  • Broadcasting marketing messages:  You may be surprised to learn that Facebook is one of the ideal platforms for advertising.  By purchasing ads on Facebook for your dealership, you can take advantage of this energetic medium to buoy your marketing message. More importantly, as your dealership gains in influence and prestige on Facebook, the easier it will be to distribute information about your next sale or promotion cheaper, quicker and more widely than with other marketing platforms. 
  • Search engine optimization:  You have probably heard that Facebook utilizes its own Graph search engine and while it is not about to knock off Google as the global leader in search, its ability to connect Facebook users with people, products and businesses may play an increasingly important role in online commerce.  Millions of users log in to Facebook and begin their searches on this site because they are more willing to trust a vendor invested in the platform and with positive feedback from other users.

Using the inbound marketing power of Facebook for your dealership can produce immense dividends in the near future as well as over years to come. 

This social media platform’s ability to sustain relationships and attract new customers is only growing, so the best time to enlarge your dealership’s presence on Facebook is right now. 

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