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Artificial Intelligence - A Marketer’s Friend or Foe?

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Artificial Intelligence - A Marketer’s Friend or Foe?

By Mason Drastal | May 14, 2018

marketing automation circuit boardWith a lot of people, artificial intelligence conjures images from sci-fi movies and post-apocalyptic stories about the dangers of technological advancements. But in reality, AI has been around in one form or another since the mid-1950s, and today there have been no machine uprisings to give credence to Terminator-style fears about smart tech. In fact, AI has proved itself to be a major benefit to humanity over the years, making tasks simpler, data easier to analyze, faster decision making, better security and much more.

One area where people have shown particular concerns about AI is in the field of creative endeavors, because this is something that’s often seen as being uniquely human. And if a machine can learn to become creative, then what chance do humans have of keeping their jobs? The truth is that AI is a tool just like any other technology, and it can be used to enhance—not replace—human capabilities including in fields like marketing. So let’s look at the pros of artificial intelligence and why it truly is a marketer’s friend and not a foe.

It Makes Analyzing Big Data Possible

marketing automation server big dataThere is more data being generated than ever before. Just looking at web searches can give you a good idea of how much data we create: there are 40,000 Google searches performed every second, which translates to over a trillion searches each year on one search engine alone. For businesses, data is crucial to remaining engaged and relevant in today’s world, because it’s the best way to understand and connect with consumers.

It’s just not humanly possible to analyze the amount of data that we are generating, and that’s where AI can be a marketer’s best friend. One example is machine learning, which is a type of artificial intelligence that can process and analyze massive quantities of data in a very short time. This helps you to understand your customers better than ever before, allowing you to create more effective and targeted marketing campaigns.

Bots and AI Can Create an Enhanced Customer Experience

Growth is one of the main goals that all businesses share, but sometimes achieving that goal can come at the price of spreading yourself too thin. Customer service is a great example of this. It’s not uncommon for companies to grow so quickly and to a point where it’s not possible to have a large enough customer service staff to personally manage the volume of queries, complaints, orders, site visitors, and other consumer-oriented needs coming in.

marketing automation robot aiAI in the form of chatbots can be an enormous benefit to companies facing a situation like this, because bots offer more personalized and human interaction with consumers (versus an FAQ page, for instance), but without having to dedicate a large portion of your budget to human resources. Because bots can increase response times and personalize messages, they have the ability to improve the customer experience, build brand trust and loyalty, and provide customers with a novel experience that will promote engagement, which are some of marketers’ major goals.

Offer a Better and More Personalized Buyer’s Journey

The buyer’s journey is at the core of every marketer’s job. It’s a way of understanding the behavior of your customers to better tailor their experiences and move them through the sales funnel faster and more effectively. There are many ways AI can help with this, including platforms that can help analyze customer and website visitor data to gain better insight into the buyer’s journey. This will allow you to:

  • Segment your audience
  • Customize messages
  • Make unique product recommendations
  • Individualize content offerings
  • Send marketing messages at the right time
  • Choose the best medium for customer engagement

Using AI to Ensure Your Content Marketing Strategies Are on Point

Marketers can also make use of AI by analyzing both trending topics and audience data to make sure that your content strategy is spot on in terms of creating and curating relevant content.

Content is one of the most important elements of inbound marketing, but if yours isn't engaging, interesting, shareable, and relevant to your audience, then you're not getting the most from it. With the right AI, you can curate the appropriate content, send it to the right audience segments, test its performance and make changes to optimize future campaigns.

Technological Advances Lead to New Opportunities

marketing automation technological advances code dataOne of the main concerns that people have with emergent technologies that are capable of performing human tasks is that the humans currently responsible for those jobs will be replaced. Most business sectors have been impacted by the development of AI, and as a result, people from all industries are worried about their jobs and whether they’ll be replaced by the machines of the future.

While there may be some jobs that get lost to AI, more will be created in response. For instance, medical professionals may have more time in the future to dedicate to interactive patient care thanks to the creation of AI that’s capable of diagnosing diseases. Similarly, although AI may be better at analysis than any human, that doesn’t mean data scientists will become obsolete. The future of data science may involve finding new ways to use the insights garnered by AI data analysis programs.

As artificial intelligence becomes more prominent and more sophisticated, an increasing number of people are left wondering if this new technology will turn out to be a help or a hindrance. But when it comes to marketing, there are many ways that AI has proved to be an advantage. These include data analysis, personalizing customer experiences, and fine tuning marketing strategies.

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